Hamilton County Sheriff warns of Publishers Clearing House scam

Hamilton County Sheriff warns of Publishers Clearing House scam

December 4th, 2012 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of a scam in which a party is posing as an employee of Publishers Clearing House, and asking people to purchase a prepaid credit card in order to claim the prize.

Several people have reported receiving calls from a party stating he is with Publishers Clearing House, and identifying himself as Damien Clark.

The caller tells citizens that they have won a vehicle, and they need to purchase a Green Dot credit card of $399, according Janice Atkinson, public information officer. The caller then tells people to call him back and give him the number on the card in order to receive information on how to collect the new car.

The caller also states that no personal information is needed to get the vehicle.

Phone numbers used include: 1-888-280-7400 and 1-876-580-7109. These numbers have been traced to Jamaica.

Because the scam involves individuals overseas, local law enforcement cannot pursue charges.

Citizens are advised to hang up and not send money if they receive one of these calls.