Delta BioRenewables company hits milestone

Delta BioRenewables company hits milestone

December 30th, 2012 by Associated Press in Local - Breaking News

MEMPHIS - A Tennessee producer of sustainable feedstock has hit an important milestone by delivering its product to a plant in western Kentucky.

Officials say Delta BioRenewables, which is located in Memphis, Tenn., delivered a commercial-sized batch of sweet sorghum juice this month to the Commonwealth Agri-Energy plant in Hopkinsville, Ky. The machines that turn corn into ethanol at the plant were used to make ethanol from sweet sorghum.

Pete Nelson, co-founder of BioDimensions and business development director, told the Memphis Daily News that the company is looking to use sorghum to supplement corn. He says sorghum is drought tolerant and would make a good rotation crop.

Commonwealth Agri-Energy general manager Mick Henderson says sweet sorghum could be used for about 5 percent of the company's annual ethanol production.