In Tune: The Delta Saints

In Tune: The Delta Saints

December 31st, 2012 by Scott Bruce in Local Regional News

The Delta Saints

The Delta Saints

Nashville has long been known as the destination unknown country music artists gravitate to in hopes of launching their career. For the band members of The Delta Saints, it was initially more of a city for each of them to merely attend college.

However, once there, they met and began making music together, too. But the music they created was unlike the country music that Nashville has been known for traditionally. In the past few years, the music of the city has become a little more diverse, and The Delta Saints were embraced by the more varied sounds that Nashville now conveys. The Saints bless audiences with a mix of delta blues, swamp funk and rock-n-roll.

Album Information

A Bird Called Angola EP, 2010

A Bird Called Angola ' Good in White ' Company of Thieves ' Callin' Me Home

Pray On EP, 2009

Train Song ' Momma ' Steppin'

While building a following around Nashville and the Southeast, The Delta Saints released two EPs. Following the 2010 release, A Bird Called Angola, they hit the road touring, which included some larger festivals and a few European trips. With a mix of a bluesy dobro, loud electric guitars, roaring harmonicas, thumping bass lines and vocals that go from soft and smooth to loud and growling with the stomp of a foot, The Delta Saints' style of dirty roots rock was well received during their tours.

However, it only fueled their fans desire for a full-length album. Like many unsigned bands that don't have the record label investment backing their recording projects, The Delta Saints took to the Internet and started a Kickstarter campaign that asked their fans to donate money in order to achieve their goal of recording a full album. After successfully reaching their goal and spending the past year in the studio, the Saints are set to release their debut album, Death Letter Jubilee, in January 2013. A full tour kicks off in early January to support the release.


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Once Upon a Time in the West, 2012

Ballad of a Deadman ' How the West Was Won ' One Lone Night ' The Bowery ' Stunt Driver ' I Am the Light

Lost and Found EP, 2011

Darkside of Town ' Wish It Was True

Prepare for Black & Blue EP, 2010

Love Song #2 ' Oh Darlin' What Have I Done ' Black & Blue

Hogtied Revisited, 2009

The Woods ' Carnage ' Damned ' Sweet Hereafter ' Story ' Hogtied Like a Rodeo

The White Buffalo EP, 2005

Where Dirt and Water Collide ' Love Song #1 ' The Matador ' The Moon

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*Performing live at Rhythm & Brews on Friday, Feb. 1

Space Capone, 2012

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