Cadence brings community coffee shop to Patten Parkway

Cadence brings community coffee shop to Patten Parkway

February 14th, 2012 by Rachel Sauls in Local Regional News

Cadence Coffee Co. co-owner Shannon Greer and his business partners aren't trying to reinvent the wheel with the recently opened coffee shop.

Cadence Coffee Co. co-owner Shannon Greer greets customers at the counter.

Cadence Coffee Co. co-owner Shannon Greer greets customers...

Photo by Rachel Sauls

Instead of pursuing a trendy approach, Greer said the shop's mission is to simply provide Patten Parkway, the surrounding businesses and UTC's campus with a classic community coffee shop.

"There are two main concepts that are the pillars of our vision - quality coffee and creating a place for relationships and community," he said.

Located at 16 Patten Parkway, Cadence Coffee Co. provides a variety of coffee and espresso drinks, alternative brewing methods like pour-over or French press and some prepackaged breakfast items like yogurt and granola. Greer said management is also looking into expanding the menu to potentially include pastries baked in house and breakfast sandwiches.

"But coffee is king of the hill here," he said. "We never want to compromise our commitment to excellent coffee."

According to Greer, excellent coffee comes both from the coffee's origin and the way it's prepared.

All coffee served at Cadence Coffee Co. comes from the specialty roaster One Village Coffee located in Souderton, Pa. One Village Coffee products come from a village in Africa the roaster has partnered with in an effort to help the coffee farmers there become a fair trade organization. A certified B Corporation, Greer said he and his business partners chose the roaster in part because they knew they would be helping people around the world by serving this coffee.

Once the coffee arrives at Cadence, Greer said each barista has been trained to make sure the timing and consistency of preparing the coffee delivers an excellent cup every time.

"There's a great level of detail that goes into creating a consistently excellent cup of coffee," he said.

In addition to being known for high-quality coffee, Greer said he wants the shop to become a place where relationships are formed and community is built.

"We place a lot of value on our staff knowing a customer's name, what they drink and how they like it prepared," he said. "We want to make sure we're relating to customers. That's what being a hometown coffee shop is all about."

The shop opens up on Friday nights to host family-friendly live music. For more information or a schedule of the lineup, visit the Cadence Coffee Co. page on Facebook or call 521-7686.