5 at 10: Happy 4th with a top 5

5 at 10: Happy 4th with a top 5

July 4th, 2012 by Jay Greeson in Local Regional News

5-at-10: Celebrate America on July 4th

Gang, do you know that we have done a 5-at-10 every Monday-through-Friday since the first weekend of October 2010. Comes vacations, holidays, birthdays, National Potato Week (yes, that's a shoot-out to Andy Griffith, God rest his soul) and all others, we have been there - good and bad, and yes Spy, that determination is in the eye of the beholder - and have been happy to do so.

So, when we were kicking around possible holiday topics for the select few of you that are going to check in on the interwebs today, we wrestled with the decision. There was the chance of doing something Patriotic. Or maybe doing something abstract since it's likely Spy won't be around to keep us in check.

We could have done the best TV shows ever in honor of Andy Taylor. (And we can make a strong argument that Andy Griffith is the most last TV show ever. It's been on TV - somewhere - since originally airing in the early 1960s. How many TV shows can claim three lasting American pop references? "The Andy Griffith Show" gave us the universal reference to a goofy cop (Barney Fife), the renown name for smalltown USA (Mayberry) and the instant nickname for redhead kids everywhere (Opie). Plus, it's theme song has to be one of the most whistled tunes ever. Feel free to discuss.)

Well, we have decided to take a controversial top-five list. Here are the five current single athletes that are the best ever at their job. (Some are specific and some are general, either way you're welcome to enjoy and discuss.)

- Best golfer ever - Tiger Woods

- Best third baseman ever - Chipper Jones

- Best swimmer ever - Michael Phelps

- Best closer ever - Mariano Rivera (yes, he is injured)

- Best tennis player ever - Roger Federer

It was tough leaving Derek Jeter off the list, and you all know we think LeBron will be on that list eventually. Feel free to discuss our choices or present your own. We have to work today so we'll be checking in with your answers. Plus, remember that we have Friday's mailbag on the horizon.

Happy 4th and be careful out there.