Noodles and Co. to open four local eateries

Noodles and Co. to open four local eateries

July 11th, 2012 by Rachel Sauls in Local Regional News

If you've been looking for a restaurant where you can combine meatballs and pad thai or spaghetti and tofu, look no further.

Later this summer Noodles and Co., a fast food casual restaurant specializing in customizable Asian, Mediterranean and American pasta dishes, will open its first of four area restaurants downtown at 405 Market St.

According to franchise co-owner Megan Bozeman, one of Noodles and Co.'s best sellers is its signature macaroni and cheese dish. All pastas can be combined with the customer's choice of protein and vegetables, she said.

According to franchise co-owner Megan Bozeman, one of...

"I wish we were open right now," said franchise co-owner Megan Bozeman. "I'm craving Noodles."

According to Bozeman, the menu will feature an emphasis on fresh ingredients, many low-calorie options, an average cost of $8 per dish and limitless customizations.

"From vegetarians to food allergies to just picky eaters, we can customize everything," she said. "And we'll also be serving other things, not just pasta. Noodles and Co. has a great salad, soup and sandwich menu as well."

In addition to a wide variety of dining options, Bozeman said Noodles and Co. also boasts impressive catering and to-go options she hopes will become equally popular throughout the area.

"If you work downtown and have something for lunch at that Noodles location, you could potentially pick something up for your family at another location on the way home and have something totally different," she said.

With the downtown restaurant opening soon and an additional three in neighboring areas to come in the next several years, Bozeman said she is very excited about becoming part of Chattanooga's restaurant community.

"There are so many great things going on in Chattanooga, and Noodles is a great fit for that," she said. "Whether it's a spot people stop in for dinner before a concert on the Riverfront or a place a family comes to eat after a sporting event, Noodles can accommodate it and everything in between."

The co-owner said she and her husband are currently in the process of looking for real estate to build the other new franchises in the area.

"We are definitely interested in the Hamilton Place area, but the time and space has to be right," she said. "We have looked at real estate in other areas of town, but so far haven't found anything."

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