Prosecutor asks jury for guilty verdict in child's death

Prosecutor asks jury for guilty verdict in child's death

June 14th, 2012 by Todd South in Local - Breaking News

The prosecutor in a child death trial ended his case by asking the jury to be the 3-year-old victim's voice.

"You go back there and you speak for him, too, and you find this man guilty for beating and biting his son to death and you sleep well," said prosecutor Charlie Minor.

Reginald Tumlin, 32, faces charges of felony murder, aggravated child abuse and neglect in the May 1, 2010 death of his son Jaylen Ramsey.

Tumlin's attorney, Dan Ripper, objected multiple times during Minor's closing arguments when the prosecutor, at times, stood across the table a few feet from Tumlin and faced the defendant while pointing at him and questioning how he could have hurt his child and not sought medical treatment until it was too late.

An autopsy later showed more than 50 bruises on various parts of the toddler's face and body, numerous lacerations, a healing burn on the back of his left thigh and bleeding on the brain, lungs and kidneys.

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