Spring Fever

Spring Fever

March 1st, 2012 by Kim Coulter in Local Regional News

Ok, my Chatter readers...who has Spring fever? I know that I do! And I have to start by saying, "Hello springtime! It's time to wake up and GO! Go exercise, go work, go have fun and go shopping in Chattanooga!"

The maxi dress: easy to wear, easy to pack and they look incredible on most bodies.

The maxi dress: easy to wear, easy to...

I just can't help but love March. This magical month welcomes new beginnings, new ideas and yes, new adorable fashions.

Most of you are on the go this month, and that means that you want ease in your wardrobe, but still want to look cute and fresh. What you will want to do is buy some pieces that are bright, work with your silhouette and complement your wardrobe.

This spring designers are using colors more than ever. In fact, the last time we witnessed so much color was in the '80s. But fear not, these brights will make you feel energetic and look amazingly modern.

Speaking of modern, the maxi dress is here to stay. The reasoning behind this is that these maxi dresses are easy to wear, easy to pack and look incredible on most bodies. You can also toss on a jean or leather jacket, add a scarf and you are out the door for a casual dinner.

For petites who can't wear a maxi dress, I suggest a simple A-line dress with flats or wedges. The same jacket and scarf applies to you. For a fuller figure, the wrap or faux-wrap dress is perfect for your curves. Make sure that your jacket is fitted and doesn't hide your figure or make you look boxy.

No matter what your height or size, be proud of your shape, stand tall and let your inner beauty shine.

This March you are going to also see pastels, exotic snake colored prints, tribal prints, outfits with mixed patterns, higher waists, colored jeans, one-shoulder dresses and tops, bold cuffs, flats, platforms, wedges and colored shades. It's a lot to compute but I have no doubt that you can do it. Start off simply with just a few colorful pieces and then work from there. You will see that this spread is perfect for those of you who need simple get-up-and-go fashions.

So go to your favorite Chattanooga boutiques and buy your pieces quickly - you are not the only one with Spring fever!

- Kim Coulter


Even though the weather is still a little crisp, don't let that stop you from wearing your new March purchases. To stay warm, add a jacket, vest and scarf over your dress or tunic top. You can also wear your skinny jeans underneath your dress. For your new colorful jeans, you can wear boots until it is warm enough to wear flats or sandals.

Keep it fresh and simple. This spring it's actually easier said than done; however, in this spread I have tried to show you how to keep the brighter outfits simple by not over-accessorizing. I will show you how to do that within the next few months.

For those of you who are a little more conservative, you might want to add coral in your wardrobe. You will probably want to wear nude sandals or cork wedges with the coral colors - just think of coral as your new neutral. If you love white, then wear a white tunic with white jeans or pants and add coral sandals. Please try a new color - even if it's not coral - and have fun with it!

Dolman sleeves and one-shoulder dresses and tops are everywhere. Even though this is a big trend, do not wear them if you are petite with a fuller chest because your frame will be hidden. Instead look for a one-shoulder top or dress that has side stitching to give your frame definition.

Make a list before you shop. What do you really need to update your look? What do you really want? Do you look better in bold pastels or jewel tones?

Remember to have fun with your look. After all, it is springtime - which means a time to feel free and start fresh!