Most Chattanooga officials want to keep jobs

Most Chattanooga officials want to keep jobs

April 8th, 2013 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

Most of Chattanooga's city department heads have decided they would like to work with incoming Mayor Andy Berke, WRCB-TV reports.

Of the 23 department heads asked to tender their resignations, 19 have reapplied for their positions.

Only four chose to retire: Marie Chinery, special assistant to the Mayor; Susan Dubose, personnel administrator; Mark Keil, chief information officer; and Dan Johnson, chief of staff.

According to WRCB, those who chose to reapply include:

• Richard Beeland, deputy administrator

• Beverly Cosley, director of multicultural affairs

• Missy Crutchfield, administrator of education, arts & culture

• Bobby Dodd, police chief

• Anita Ebersole, deputy to the mayor

• Kathie Fulgham, special project coordinator

• Frederick Houser, associate coordinator

• Beverly Johnson, Neighborhood Services administrator

• Mary Keown, city treasurer

• James Lea, assistant to mayor

• Steven Leach, Public Works administrator

• Daisy Madison, city finance officer

• Michael McMahan, city attorney

• Randall Parker, fire chief

• Ronald Swafford, Human Services administrator

• Danny Thorton, General Services administrator

• James Whitmire, fire marshal

• Lawrence Zehnder, Parks & Recreation administrator

The resignations came as a mayoral directive last Wednesday, when incoming Mayor Andy Berke asked that current administrators turn in their resignations by Friday of last week.

The City Charter calls for six positions to be filled, including police and fire chiefs, treasurer, finance officer, court clerk and city attorney. But all department heads were affected.

Berke has already named three staff members: Travis McDonough, incoming chief of staff; Andrew Kean, chief operating officer; and Stacey Richardson, senior adviser.