Christopher Michael Thornton back in jail for December arrest

Christopher Michael Thornton back in jail for December arrest

August 3rd, 2013 by Tyler Jett in Local Regional News

Christopher Michael Thornton

Christopher Michael Thornton

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A man is back in the Catoosa County (Ga.) Jail on charges stemming from an arrest last December.

Christopher Michael Thornton, 40, was arrested in Hamilton County, Tenn., last week as a fugitive for a crime in another state. He had failed to appear in Catoosa County Superior Court on charges of battery, simple battery and obstruction of a 911 call.

In the meantime, between that alleged incident and failing to appear in court, Thornton was arrested in Hamilton County on domestic assault cases. For that case, he has an Aug. 8 court date.

According to an arrest report, Thornton got into plenty of confrontations on Dec. 14. First he argued with his girlfriend. Then, he allegedly beat her. Then, his girlfriend's former husband supposedly beat him. And somewhere in the middle of this, another man got involved, and got violent.

The arrest report gives this account: Deputy Earl Wilson showed up at the scene around 8:45 p.m. and found Thornton standing by the front door, alone. He was bleeding from a two-inch gash on his face, and the blood dripped onto the porch.

Inside, Wilson found more blood - blood in the living room, blood in the kitchen, blood in the hall, blood in the bedroom, blood in the bathroom. The deputy also found a broken picture and a broken chair and a hole in the wall.

Thornton and Chasity Neusom were living together at 159 Trace Lane in Rossville; in fact, Thornton had moved in the week before, authorities said. On Dec. 14, one of Thornton's friends came over, but Thornton wasn't home. The friend waited with Neusom.

Eventually, Thornton showed up with another woman. He found Neusom and his friend, unsupervised, and he got mad. Thornton argued with Neusom about it.

Neusom tried to call 911, but Thornton snatched the phone from her. Then he pushed her against a wall, elbowed her in the ribs and punched her in the head, police said. Finally, Neusom escaped, and she ran 10 houses away.

There, she found Curt Adam Neusom, her former husband. She told him what happened. Curt Neusom, a neighbor named Phillip Jason White and Chasity Neusom then walked back to 159 Trace Lane.

Thornton was in his room when White walked in. Thornton didn't know him. He asked him who he was. Then, Curt Neusom entered the room, and he and White attacked Thornton, according to police. At one point, White held Thornton while Curt Neusom beat him with a chair, police said.

Neighbors could hear a commotion and a woman screaming, "They are killing him! Call 911!" A neighbor then saw Curt Neusom walk out and White drag Chasity Neusom out.

Curt Neusom and White also were charged with aggravated assault in connection with what happened that evening.

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