Three arrested for fleeing stolen truck investigation in East Ridge

Three arrested for fleeing stolen truck investigation in East Ridge

August 21st, 2013 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

A stolen vehicle investigation led to three arrests in East Ridge on Wednesday night.

East Ridge police responded to a report of multiple parties stealing a vehicle at 5:25 p.m. Wednesday at 1518 Prigmore Road. Ricky Rogers, 35, reported that his friend's truck had been stolen and concealed behind an exterior garage at this location, said Cpl. Robert Wade, the public information officer of East Ridge Police Department.

As police approached the truck and seven individuals surrounding it, three of the individuals immediately fled on foot.

Police apprehended Monica Dunn and Jeffrey King on the property of Fellowship Baptist Church at 5355 Clemons Road, where King was tazed prior to being taken into custody.

Randy Morgan was apprehended in the 1500 block of Karwill Lane. All three parties were arrested and charged with resisting stop/halt/frisk, and Dunn was additionally charged with criminal impersonation for providing a false name and date of birth.

The truck in question was found to belong to Raymond Carter,of Morrison, Tenn., who loaned it out to a friend who had failed to return it. The truck was not listed as a stolen vehcile, and no charges were filed in relation to possession of the vehicle. Carter gave permission over the phone for Rogers to leave the scene with the vehicle.

The resident at 1518 Primore Lane knew none of the parties involved. Morgan had traveled to that location in the truck to visit his uncle who was hired by the resident to do some tree work at the property.