Office Furniture Warehouse promotes 'green' furniture purchases

Office Furniture Warehouse promotes 'green' furniture purchases

October 16th, 2013 in Local Regional News

Office Furniture Warehouse President J.J. Jerman, Vice President of Operations Jason Flowers and Vice President of Business Development Beverly Jerman, from left, show off some of the furniture on offer at the business's new Riverside Drive showroom.

Office Furniture Warehouse President J.J. Jerman, Vice President...

They call it the chair graveyard.

It's the place in the office where all of the chairs with broken lifts, missing wheels or torn upholstery go to die.

Chairs that may have cost hundreds of dollars when brand new just sit, broken and collecting dust.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Locally owned and operated Office Furniture Warehouse has a program called My Chair Doctor that is specifically designed to refurbish old chairs and return them to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost.

"Our No. 1 goal is keeping things out of the landfill," said Office Furniture Warehouse President J.J. Jerman. "A lot of people pay a premium for 'green' furniture. But when you buy used furniture, by default it becomes green furniture."

That concept also extends to the rest of the business's model. When nearby businesses go out of business, downsize or just upgrade their office furniture, Jerman said his company steps in and purchases the old furniture. His staff may then refurbish the pieces or sell them as is to a company that is looking for new furniture but may not be able to afford or want to invest in brand new, showroom furniture.

"It's a great value and a great way to get furniture you probably couldn't afford otherwise," he said. "It's also good for the community because that furniture isn't going to a landfill."

At its new location at 2700 Riverside Drive, Office Furniture Warehouse has a showroom with a variety of new, used and refurbished pieces for individuals or businesses looking for something different. Customer service is also a huge focus for the business, said Jerman.

"We deliver, install and service," he said of the business's inventory. "We try to take the hassle out of buying furniture. It can be really stressful for first-time buyers."

For more information about Office Furniture Warehouse, visit or call 790-1376.