Breaking: City gives Delta Queen riverboat 6-month extension

Breaking: City gives Delta Queen riverboat 6-month extension

September 17th, 2013 by Joan Garrett McClane in Local - Breaking News

The Delta Queen riverboat is docked Friday on the north shore of the Tennessee River near Coolidge Park.

Photo by Doug Strickland/Times Free Press.

The city has granted the Delta Queen a six-month extension at its berth downtown on the Tennessee River, operator Leah Ann Ingram said today.

She said the news came via an email from Travis McDonough, chief of staff for Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke.

McDonough told Ingram that the city wants to work with the Delta Queen and is extending its berth agreement.

"I think it's a good thing to keep a national treasure alive for six more months," Ingram said.

Mayor Berke held a press conference at City Hall on the matter this afternoon.

There were supporters for the Delta Queen there to attend the event, but were not being allowed in.

The agreement came a day after Ingram and members of Berke's staff traded charges in the media and averts an eviction that would have taken place just days after the Delta Queen is honored as a National Treasure. That honor will be bestowed this week by the National Trust.

The extension also closely followed the release of an "open letter" from Ingram to Berke and the Chattanooga City Council.

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