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February 18th, 2014 by Todd South in Local Regional News

Chris Anderson

Photo by Maura Friedman/Times Free Press.

POLL: Should Chris Anderson be recalled?

City Councilman Chris Anderson will file a lawsuit in Hamilton County Circuit Court today to stop recall efforts against him.

Residents petitioned the Hamilton County Election Commission to have the recall, which was recently approved.

The commission requested that the 1,600 signatures, 15 percent of Anderson's District 7 population, required for a recall vote be gathered by April 10 so that it could be placed on the August ballot.

Anderson's campaign manager, Joda Thongnopnua confirmed that the lawsuit would be filed today.

In it, Anderson alleges that the recall is discriminatory and is focused on his sexuality, which he says in unconstitutional. Anderson is the first locally elected openly gay politician.

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