9 out of 10 lawyers recommend retention of Supreme Court justices

9 out of 10 lawyers recommend retention of Supreme Court justices

June 13th, 2014 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

Nine out of 10 lawyers recommend that Tennesseans vote to "retain" the three Tennessee Supreme Court Justices on the Aug. 7 ballot, according to a news release from the Tennessee Bar Association.

The association surveyed its members over the last two weeks on whether they highly recommended, recommended, did not recommend or had no informed opinion on the issue as of the date that they responded to the survey, with respect to the retention election of Justices Connie Clark and Sharon Lee, and Chief Justice Gary Wade, the release stated.

The votes of those with an opinion break out as follows:

Justice Connie Clark

Highly Recommend: 74.4%

Recommend: 18.4%

Do Not Recommend: 7.2%

Justice Sharon Lee

Highly Recommend: 75.9%

Recommend: 17.3%

Do Not Recommend: 6.8%

Chief Justice Gary Wade

Highly Recommend: 76.7%

Recommend: 17.0%

Do Not Recommend: 6.3%

Lawyers are in a unique position to provide an informed opinion as to whether a justice should be retained in office, outgoing TBA President Cindy Wyrick of Sevierville said.

"For that reason, it is important that they share this knowledge with voters who will be going to the polls in August," she said.

Incoming association President Jonathan Steen of Jackson said the group wanted to help voters make an "informed decision" about the retention election question.

"These results provide a much better measure than partisan labels as to the issue of a judge's capabilities. We will continue this educational effort through early voting, which begins July 18, and Election Day," he said in the news release.

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