VW employees give through Neediest Cases

VW employees give through Neediest Cases

January 16th, 2011 by Perla Trevizo in Neediestcases

As Volkswagen Group of America planned a holiday concert last year, officials knew that a community giving opportunity would be part of the event and the Neediest Cases Fund was chosen to be the recipient.

"The Neediest Cases Fund has earned the trust of the community and has helped make the holidays better for years, and we are pleased to play a small role in that," said Scott Wilson, spokesman for Volkswagen Group of America.

The event was a one-off opportunity to give, not a sustained campaign, but VW employees donated more than $5,000 to the fund.

The Times Free Press Neediest Cases Fund has existed in Chattanooga for almost a century and is used to help people who have nowhere else to turn.

"I just think it says a lot to the culture that VW is already putting in place out of their new facility in Chattanooga, to have the employees themselves give on a personal level to a cause that touches so many in need," said Jason Taylor, president of the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

"It was really an extra blessing for the whole fund this year. We are very grateful that of the many opportunities they have to give that they saw this true grassroots-giving Neediest Cases Fund as their choice of what to do this holiday," he added.

The immediacy of the Neediest Cases is what VW saw, said Wilson.

"At this time of the year in the devastated economy that we live in, we wanted to give to something that would have an immediate effect in the community and help make someone's holiday season better," he said.

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