Boyfriend charged with harassment

Boyfriend charged with harassment


March 1st, 2011 by Staff Report in News

Boyfriend charged with harassment

A Chattanooga man was charged with harassment and coercion of a witness after his girlfriend told police on Feb. 25 that she received several threatening phone calls from him, according to a Chattanooga police report.

The woman told police that Edward L. Paris, 32, of 2405 Stuart St., is in jail on domestic assault charges with a pending March 11 court date and has called her constantly, threatening her life if she shows up in court.

She said that problem was solved with the help of jail personnel, but she has since received nonstop calls from members of Paris' gang.

Officers "observed numerous calls" while talking with the woman.

Man robbed in East Brainerd

A Chattanooga man was charged with especially aggravated robbery and criminal conspiracy after a friend told police he was robbed at gunpoint at the East Brainerd Bi-Lo on Feb. 24, according to a Chattanooga police report.

The friend, Christopher Richards, told police Conner Shelton McCulley, of 820 Chestnut Wood Lane, called and asked to see his Jeep. When Richards showed up, a man he had never seen got out of what Richards identified as McCulley's Jeep and, wielding a revolver, climbed into Richards' car and grabbed his keys. The man then said, "Give me everything you have," and when Richards said he had nothing else, the man said, "I know you have a phone because you just talked to Connor."

The man took Richards' belongings after a brief struggle in which he struck Richards on the back of the head and on the face several times, causing several cuts and bruises. The man then fled in the same Jeep he arrived in, which Richards said was driven by McCulley.

The two men escaped with Richards' cell phone, wallet, $150 in cash and keys.