Hixson woman wins $2 million in lottery

Hixson woman wins $2 million in lottery

March 2nd, 2011 by Adam Crisp in News

Frances Sharpe, second from right, claims her $2 million prize at the Tennessee Lottery headquarters in Nasvhille with Rebecca Hargrove, lottery CEO, and her sons, David and Danny.

Frances Sharpe, second from right, claims her $2...

A Hixson woman did a triple-take upon scratching off a winning $2 million instant lottery game this week.

Frances Sharp, 69, claimed her winnings Tuesday at Tennessee Lottery headquarters in Nashville, according to spokeswoman Kym Gerlock.

This was the first top-prize winner for the "$2 Million Bonanza," a high-winnings scratch-off ticket game recently unveiled by the lottery.

"At first I thought I had won $2,000, then I thought it was $200,000," said Sharp.

She purchased her ticket at a Hixson gas station.

Her big winnings fall at the end of a record-breaking February for the Tennessee Lottery, which sold more than $112 million in tickets. Lottery officials say the spike in sales is due in large part to the game Sharp won this week as well as other new high-winning games.

"These games are great additions to our lineup of other popular games including Tennessee Cash, which has a record jackpot of $1.07 million for Wednesday night," said Lottery CEO Rebecca Hargrove.

The lottery announced the earnings figures Tuesday, just a few hours after Sharp claimed her big prize. The February sales figures beat the previous record, $110 million, set in March 2010.

As of Monday, "$2 Million Bonanza" players had won more than $11.8 million in prizes, while "Lady Jumbo Bucks" players had won more than $7.3 million.