Dade County sheriff's house on hold after being destroyed by tornado

Dade County sheriff's house on hold after being destroyed by tornado

April 25th, 2012 by Joy Lukachick Smith in News

Dade County Sheriff Patrick Cannon walks the property where he will rebuild what he calls his "dream home" in Trenton, Ga. Cannon and his family lost their home during the April 27 storms of last year.

Photo by Ashlee Culverhouse /Times Free Press.

The home of Sheriff Patrick Cannon was among 120 destroyed in Dade County, Ga., on April 27, but in the critical first days following the devastation, he focused his attention on his community rather than his personal loss.

"We've never faced anything that large of a devastation ... so many people in need," he said.

The first four days after the storm were the most crucial as police and emergency workers tried to account for every resident, rescue the injured and help to clear roads.

Cannon was among those who lost everything when 150-mph winds tore across Sand Mountain and through Trenton, Ga. Two Dade County residents died in the twister and 275 homes were damaged in addition to those that were blown down.

Once Cannon determined that his wife and four kids were safe, he set to work helping others.

"He has put everybody else first," said Chief Deputy Danny Ellis.

The sheriff said he was touched when other law enforcement from surrounding areas stepped in to help, donating money and helping to clean up his land as well as volunteering across the community.

"He was certainly moved by it all," said Georgia Sheriff's Association President J. Terry Norris, who gave the sheriff a check donated from sheriffs across the state.

Since then, Trenton has continued to recover. But rebuilding plans for Cannon are on hold. He plans to rebuild a 3,000-square-foot dream home on the same land as his former home.

For now, his family lives in a rented home, waiting to see if their insurance will cover the cost of rebuilding. But they are anxious to be back.

"We just can't wait to get home," he said.