Invasion of United States!

Invasion of United States!

April 30th, 2010 in Opinion Free Press

What would be your reaction if a foreign army invaded the United States?

Such a proposition is so unlikely that we can hardly imagine it. The United States has been in terrible wars, but has not faced serious military invasion since the War of 1812, when British troops burned the White House.

If a foreign army attempted to invade the United States today, we surely would mobilize all of our military forces -- and all of our citizens -- to repel the invaders and defend our country and our people from the invaders.

Yet the United States is being invaded today -- and has been for some years -- by so many illegal foreign invaders that we don't even know how many are here!

Does that seem incredible to you?

By some estimates, the number of illegal aliens in the United States is as high as 20 million!

And yet we have not determined to make our borders impervious to invaders.

Arizona is "in the news" because it is facing such a massive number of illegal invaders that it has adopted a tough state law in its defense.

But why doesn't the federal government of the United States have effective defense against the illegal invasion?

Some officials are even condemning Arizona for its efforts to defend its borders, its people and its laws.

We can understand why many foreigners want to come here. They see the United States as a land of golden opportunity that they would like to enjoy. We have laws that provide for limited numbers of people to come here from foreign countries, temporarily or permanently. Some of them benefit our country and our people. But in addition, there are millions of people who have violated our laws to come here and created serious problems.

The illegal invasion has been winked at in some cases because it is a source of cheap labor. Most of the illegals are seeking work and a better life, for which we don't blame them. But some of the illegal invaders are violent criminals and drug smugglers who create great dangers.

How many illegal invaders will we tolerate? How many can we accept without a major change in the way our 300 million American citizens and legal immigrants live?

With humanitarian compassion, we may understand the aspirations of millions of people who have come here illegally. But it should be evident to all Americans that we cannot maintain our laws, our security, our economy and our historic traditions if we ignore the invasion of our country by many millions of people who violate our laws.

What other country allows unlimited illegal immigration?

We should defend the United States and our people by upholding our laws. We are failing to do that today.