ObamaCare dictation

ObamaCare dictation

December 21st, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

Ever since Democrats passed ObamaCare, they have insisted that the law does not amount to a federal takeover of medical care.

But as the details of ObamaCare are revealed, it is impossible to deny that it represents federal government dictation of health care.

Recently, the Obama administration explained how benefits packages that could ultimately affect 90 million Americans -- if not more -- would be determined. The administration boasted that the states would retain "flexibility" to decide on specific benefits.

But that is only window-dressing. As news accounts on the benefits packages noted, any leeway that states may have is limited by the fact that the federal government is setting a range of minimum benchmarks for benefits in each state. No state will be permitted to alter the framework that ObamaCare sets for that state.

Because of that and other unappealing facets of costly ObamaCare, it is not surprising that most of the states have joined a lawsuit seeking to have the law overturned, and that opinion polls again and again have shown the law to be unpopular with the public.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule in 2012 on whether ObamaCare is constitutional. We find nothing constitutional in the federal government's ignoring both state authority and the free market to dictate how health care will be provided.

ObamaCare should be overturned, and the federal government should stop encroaching on personal liberty and states' authority.