Superintendent Rick Smith

Superintendent Rick Smith

July 9th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

With success for all of our schoolchildren being the goal in Hamilton County's public schools, now is certainly a time to end longtime bickering and controversies on education, and to unite to do the best we can for students.

That there has been divisiveness is obvious in the recent departure of Superintendent Jim Scales.

And there now has been a 5-3 vote by the school board to elevate local education leader Rick Smith to be our new superintendent.

There often has been a tendency to seek school leadership from somewhere else. But with no disrespect to "outsiders," the appointment of longtime local leader Smith has advantages. We know him, he knows us, and he is personally familiar with our local challenges, aspirations and opportunities.

At any rate, now that the decision has been made, we should all strive to get "on the same page," to put aside our divisions and to cooperate for the educational advancement of our youngsters.

That does not mean that there will be no disagreements and no debates on what policies should prevail in our schools.

But whatever one's views may be, all of us should resolve to help Smith succeed in doing what's best for our children.