Sen. Corker on ObamaCare

Sen. Corker on ObamaCare

March 26th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

Among those who have ruefully noted the first anniversary since President Barack Obama signed the disastrous ObamaCare legislation into law is U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn.

Corker appropriately voted against ObamaCare because, he states frankly, it fails to address huge costs and imposes big burdens on national and state budgets.

"There is not a thinking person in Washington who believes this health care law will work as designed because it doesn't solve the biggest problem in our health care system, which is cost," he declared in a recent news release.

In addition to raising federal spending on medical care - in a time of record debt - the law places a massive unfunded mandate on the states, as even Democrat former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen lamented.

Corker notes, "Large employers will be discouraged from providing coverage because they could abandon their health plans, pay the [federal] penalties and still save millions of dollars by passing the burden onto taxpayers. And for anyone concerned about the future of Medicare, the law spends $530 billion in Medicare savings instead of using those funds to extend the life of the program."

That's important because Medicare's insolvency is already only a few years away.

It is no wonder Corker has called for repeal of ObamaCare. The peril of leaving it in place is too great.