Terrorism plot in North Georgia mountains

Terrorism plot in North Georgia mountains

November 8th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

An alleged terrorism plot not far away in northeast Georgia should serve as a reminder that our nation must maintain its vigilance against a variety of threats.

The United States sadly has grown accustomed to news of foreign and domestic terrorism plots -- and actions -- by radical Muslim individuals or groups.

But in this case, according to authorities, the suspects are four men who allegedly are bitterly opposed to the actions of our federal government. Court documents say the men may have ties to a fringe militia group.

The government accuses them of plotting to blow up government buildings. They also allegedly talked of killing people by using the poison ricin.

The men, who are from the mountainous Toccoa, Ga., area, faced their first hearing in federal court recently.

Toccoa-area residents were stunned by the arrests of the men, who are older and hard of hearing.

But authorities say the men had violent intentions against a range of targets. One allegedly drove to Atlanta to perform surveillance of some federal government buildings and was recorded discussing the explosives needed to destroy the buildings.

Of course, like anyone else accused of a crime, the men are entitled to the presumption of innocence.

But whatever the outcome of this particular case, there are ample instances of confirmed terrorist attacks and plots against our country for us all to remain alert and to report any activity that we may believe is linked to terrorism.