A well-deserved honor

A well-deserved honor

April 25th, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

Chattanooga Police Department Officer Lorin Johnston will be honored in Washington, D.C., next month as one of the nation's 10 Top Cops by the National Association of Police Organizations.

It's a notable -- and deserved -- honor.

Johnston was honored for his actions during a gunfight in Brainerd on April 2, 2011, that killed Sgt. Tim Chapin. Johnston, despite wounds to his back and leg, used his body to shield his fellow officer. It was a selfless act of courage, as noted by the police association in a news release.

"Johnston's courage and loyalty, despite his own injuries, make him a living testament to the outstanding qualities found only in America's Top Cops," the release stated.

Too often, Chattanoogans and residents of other cities take the men and women who serve in law enforcement for granted. They forget that the work, while often mundane, can be extraordinarily dangerous at times. Their willingness to put their lives on the line when required is testimony to their integrity, their bravery and commitment to protect fellow officers and citizens.

Johnston's designation as one of the United States' Top Cops is a reminder of such selfless service.