'Jihad is our path'

'Jihad is our path'

July 2nd, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

So much for the free-thinking, moderate-driven revolution in Egypt.

What follows is a portion of a speech given in May - and recently translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute - by Mohammed Morsi, who has since been elected Egypt's president in the wake of dictator Hosni Mubarak's removal. Decide for yourself whether Morsi is an advocate of peace, religious liberty and representative government.

Morsi: "[In the 1920s, the Egyptians] said, 'The constitution is our Koran.' They wanted to show that the constitution is a great thing. But Imam Al-Banna, Allah's mercy upon him, said to them, 'No, the Koran is our constitution.' The Koran was and will continue to be our constitution. The Koran will continue to be our constitution. The Koran is our constitution."

Crowd: "The Koran is our constitution."

Morsi: "The Prophet Muhammad is our leader."

Crowd: "The Prophet Muhammad is our leader."

Morsi: "Jihad is our path."

Crowd: "Jihad is our path."

Morsi: "And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration."

Crowd: "And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration."

Morsi: "Above all - Allah is our goal. ... The shariah, then the shariah and finally, the shariah. This nation will enjoy blessing and revival only through the Islamic shariah. I take an oath before Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text [of the constitution] ... Allah willing, the text will truly reflect [the shariah], as will be agreed upon by the Egyptian people, by the Islamic scholars and by legal and constitutional experts ... . Rejoice and rest assured that this people will not accept a text that does not reflect the true meaning of the Islamic shariah as a text to be implemented and as a platform. The people will not agree to anything else."

Thus Egypt moves from military dictatorship toward one of the few things that may be as bad or worse: radical Muslim rule.

And there is not a great deal the United States can do about that. Embracing the Mubarak-style military leaders in Egypt who are trying to rein in Morsi is scarcely a good alternative, after all.

But one thing we most assuredly can do is take off our blinders. The Obama administration's director of national intelligence, James Clapper, labeled the Muslim Brotherhood - of which Morsi is a member - a "largely secular" movement that has "eschewed violence."

That is the same Muslim Brotherhood that was involved in the assassination of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and whose highest-profile member wants no daylight between shariah law and his nation's constitution.

Secular and nonviolent indeed.