Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

August 23rd, 2010 in Opinion Letters

What's good reason to deny marriage?

I have never had anyone give me an answer to this question: Name one nonreligious reason that can be used in a secular court of law to deny same-sex marriage.

No red herring arguments about someone trying to marry an animal, children under the legal age of consent, or family members. Forget about churches "forced" to marry gays. The separation of church and state goes both ways. As far as I know, the Catholic Church can still refuse to serve communion to non-Catholics or to marry non-Catholics or divorced couples. Polygamy is a separate issue. If a group of polygamists want to challenge the laws banning polygamy, that is their right as citizens.


Add signatures to recall list

The Aug. 10 Chattanooga Times editorial, "A recall rift to avoid," nipped at the heels of the 6,000th recall signature of Chattanooga citizens who are now asking fundamental questions about our city's mayor.

Is the mayor encouraging the good things in our city, and is he against the bad things in our city?

Raising these taxes and fees directly harms the good things of the city - real estate sales, home ownership, business growth, and the budgets of churches and nonprofits. The government's role is to encourage the good things, not harm them.

Gangs. Last summer, the mayor falsely accused a church and tried to shut down the church's downtown ministry. Later, when Chattanooga gang activity continued, the mayor acted as if gangs didn't exist. Government is to encourage the good and fight against the bad. As a reminder, churches are good; gangs are bad.

Regarding the number of votes needed - instead of casting our line out to snag the red herring, let's cast our vote and catch ourselves a keeper.

Yesterday, we had more than 9,500 signatures. As responsible adults and citizens of Chattanooga, we "are called to do better." Let's make it 15,000.


Homosexuals deserve rights

I am writing this letter in regard to the letters I've read in a couple of editions of this newspaper.

I have noticed how people are taking offense to offering homosexuals the same rights others take for granted. We are not trying to take anything away; we just want equal rights. I want to feel secure in the knowledge that if I am unable to let my last wishes be known, my fiancee can do it for me.

I am a productive member of this society. I have a job, I pay taxes and I frequently pray to God, yet I have to go to another state to make my commitment legal.

I don't need a word like marriage to define my commitment. I don't care what you call it, we just want rights.