Letters to the Editor - 2

Letters to the Editor - 2

July 23rd, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Fleischmann's ad a misrepresentation

The underhanded tactics and outright deception in Chuck Fleischmann's recent TV ad are extremely disappointing. We take offense at his misrepresentation of 3rd District congressional candidate Robin Smith.

Although many know Robin Smith as successful in business or through community service, we know her on a personal level. Robin and her husband served our church as Sunday school teachers for 22 years, and several of those years we were privileged to serve with them.

We know first-hand that Robin Smith is a person of integrity and honesty. Her stand on the sanctity of life has not changed. She has proven herself as an effective leader time and time again. Her experience and successful leadership at the local and state level make her the most qualified candidate in this race.

Mr. Fleischmann portrays Robin as handing out bonuses underhandedly when in actuality, she requested that her own bonus be reallocated among the hard-working staff. Mr. Fleischmann owes Robin and the voters an apology for his desperate actions. We must stand with a proven, public servant, and elect Robin Smith. She will represent us well in Washington, D.C.



Use your head, vote for Haslam

As conservative Republicans, we are concerned about the blind support for Zach Wamp as governor. That he trumps being committed to fiscal responsibility is false. He voted for the Wall Street bailout and also for raising the national debt.

His attacks on Bill Haslam have been vicious, based on misrepresentations and untruths.

Look at the example of our current Democratic governor, Phil Bredesen, who has been the best governor Tennessee has ever had. He kept his campaign promise to not spend more money than was coming in. He fired corrupt officials left by the previous administration. He cleaned up TennCare, which was abused by unscrupulous people, almost bankrupting the state. Gov. Bredesen does not take a salary.

We need to replace him with a man who is equally experienced in business, who has integrity and will not cave in to special interest. We need a man who is committed to working within a budget instead of spending other people's money as recklessly as is done by Congress.

Thus, we encourage voters to use their heads and vote for Republican Bill Haslam, a fine man, a solid man, not a politician who can be swayed by the wind of opportunity.


Signal Mountain