Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

December 28th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Paul would return powers to people

With the congressional approval rating hovering in the single digits and our leaders in Washington never missing a chance to point fingers across the aisle, I ask you to take a close look at Ron Paul for president.

Paul has moved into the lead in Iowa because the people there have taken the time to hear him speak of an out-of-control Congress and an executive branch granting itself unconstitutional powers. His message is a simple one: Return the powers not delegated to the federal government through the Constitution to the individual states.

Imagine for a minute your vote being 1 of 6.5 million Tennesseans as opposed to 1 of 310 million Americans. Imagine being able to seek regress in Nashville or at the 3rd District headquarters and not being told it is a federal issue . Wouldn't you rather have that kind of voice at the state level instead of the current choice of a recent college grad vs. trial lawyer at the federal level. This is what a Ron Paul's presidency is about, returning the powers to the people.

The Tennessee primary is March 6. I hope to see you there.


Religions create many problems

I would like to commend Gwynne Dyer for his thoughtful commentary in this newspaper on Dec. 25, titled "Religion's false equation."

It took courage for Mr. Dyer to share these thoughts in a newspaper that is loaded with religious chatter, especially in the editorial sections.

Religion has almost become a third party in our government now. Those humans who enjoy a free society should understand that it is the religions of the world that help create wars, encourage abuse of women and promote the end of freedom of choice in more ways than the one that is most focused on: abortion.

Our community is one of diversity now. I would like to see this newspaper reflect that more. I welcome more enlightened commentaries as Mr. Dyer's. We are all evolving as a species; it's called evolution. Religion slows that down. If a species cannot evolve with the changing times, it will perish.


Sale Creek, Tenn.

Erlanger problems bleed throughout

Why is Erlanger having problems?

I was sent for two tests a while back. Based on my medical background, I questioned the sequence of the testing and was assured it was OK. When I got to my second test I was blessed out by the tech for making her schedule late. I wrote Erlanger and heard absolutely nothing back. I went to Erlanger Thursday for simple blood work. I waited an hour and a half to have three small tubes of blood drawn.

The tech spent as much time talking to the person at the desk as drawing patient's blood! I was told to make an appointment next time. I am an ASCP registered medical technologist who hasn't practiced in many years and I could have cleared the entire waiting area in less than 15 minutes. That is just a fraction of what is wrong with Erlanger.

They have a severe management problem that bleeds down to the staff. Start by laying off managers who don't care and stop acting like a typical indigent hospital.