President not like Fleischmann

President not like Fleischmann


July 11th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

President not like Fleischmann

Reference letter to the editor July 1, "Description fits the president."

  1. "The rookie has kept a low profile." No. The president has worked like a dog to keep a high profile.

  2. "He has shown little initiative." (Ha). No one has shown more initiative than President Obama.

  3. President Obama goes out on a limb trying a different road. He's on the right road.

  4. President Obama does act decisively and quickly.

  5. President Obama does not rubber stamp either Democrats or GOP.

  6. President Obama has been very flexible.

  7. President Obama ran on and is running on the people's needs.

  8. President Obama has an eye on the next election (yes, he does).

The eight points the writer listed shows she's right in the list of facts about Chuck Fleischmann. So how in the world is he (by the writer's own assessment) like our president?


Dayton, Tenn.

Don't let handful of people prevail

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution forbids Congress from interfering with a citizen's freedom of religion, speech, assembly and petition.

A handful of people have threatened Congress with a lawsuit if it doesn't stop prayer in our schools, assemblies and sporting events. They said it was "unconstitutional" to post the Ten Commandments in our government buildings. When we pledge our allegiance to the American flag, they don't want us to say "under God" for which it stands.

An article in the newspaper tells me this same handful of people is, again, threatening to sue the state over a law that will make it a crime to post an image online that causes "emotional distress" to any individual. They said "this law violates the First Amendment."

Is that not what they have done with all their threats?

Another question is, do the Ten Commandments, and the words "under God," and prayer cause this handful of people "emotional distress"?

This isn't "emotional distress," it's conviction. And one day they will have to stand in judgment before God and answer to all the trouble they've caused Congress and the Christians of America.

And, by the way, I will personally pray for these people. God loves everyone.


Dunlap, Tenn.

Thurman's attitude calls for resignation

Racism has no place in Hamilton County's school system.

School board member Rhonda Thurman's remarks quoted in the Sunday newspaper (July 3) show a biased to racist attitude not denied by her. She should resign from the school board.

Just because she raised herself up by her bootstraps doesn't mean everyone has the same family support where, quote, "they are still expected to learn."

Her family may have been poor, but probably her home was not hurt by such impediments to learning as an absentee parent, erratic or no family income, violence in the neighborhood or even home. For many inner-city students she so dismisses, such impediments are a part of daily life.

I agree with the list of resources listed in the Friday Times editorial to help raise the learning level of disadvantaged students. The most important one is "outreach to parents to make them more effective first teachers." Without such support on a daily basis, all the other resources probably won't be enough.

I was lucky. I had that support and expectations from my parents. So did Rhonda Thurman. Not every student is so lucky.

Be dedicated to helping all students reach their potential, or don't be on the Board of Education.


Stand against officials' bigotry

I commend the Times editorial page staff for its passionate and eloquent July 6 editorial about public education and racism in Hamilton County. Now is the time to stand up to the bigotry of some of our elected officials.

I am grateful for the support given to students in the inner city by private groups such as the Benwood Foundation.

That some of our schoolchildren are burdened by dysfunctional home situations such as single parents and other issues should not be looked upon by anyone as reasons for white racists to gloat or to chortle.

There must be an effort by the Hamilton County Commission and the county school board to find ways to see to it that parents who are indifferent to their children's education be forced or encouraged to do something positive.

Finally, I urge the Hamilton County Commission to reinstate full funding for the Hamilton County Health Department, the Hamilton County Human Services Agency and the University Clinic. With all the property taxes it gouges from city residents it could be done, especially if the commission shifts funds from building more predominantly white schools in rural areas.


Republicans need to compromise

Succumbing to tea party pressure, the Republicans refuse to compromise with the Democrats in the present budget crisis. The GOP's intractable position on tax increases is unreasonable and infuriating.

On an issue of dire importance, the Republicans should consider the general political position of the American electorate. That position is clearly in the center as the country is roughly split between the two parties.

This means compromise! This means save your ideological battles for another time and represent the broader will of the American people rather than the narrower will of one contingent of your party.

If the Republicans continue to support the demands of one extreme group within their party, they soon will begin to suffer at the polls. A GOP co-opted by its extreme right wing will not be tolerated for long by a politically centrist nation. Maintaining their obstinate position and allowing a default will further frame the GOP as a philosophically extremist party and more importantly and much more damaging, a pragmatically extremist party.

The Democrats have defied their far left wing by agreeing to spending cuts. The Republicans should do the same concerning their far right wing and agree to some form of revenue increase.


Ray is a credit to community

Kudos on the article on Amanda Ray (July 5). What a great testimony to determination and just plain courage.

How I wish our young people would idealize someone like this rather than athletes and rock stars, some of whom have no moral compass at all.

The entire city of Chattanooga should be proud of a citizen like this. She is a credit to our community and a shining star who deserves to be honored for her wonderful achievements.



Smith needed competition

When I moved here in 2003, I soon became aware of a feud between Dr. Jesse Register, some school board members and a few county commissioners.

When Dr. Scales was hired, I knew he was in for a rough time when Rhonda Thurman voted against hiring him.

Now, it appears we have had to lower the criteria for a new superintendent so the bullies on the board can hire Rick Smith with no competition (removed doctoral degree requirement).

I have never lived in a community where someone with aspirations to be the school superintendent did not take the time to get a doctoral degree.

The board's decision not to conduct a national search tells me that the "good ole boy" network is alive and well within the school board.

This goes against everything this community should stand for in a world economy with foreign companies relocating here and spending billions. Competition breeds excellence and Mr. Smith should have had some competition for the position.

If I had school-age children, they would be in private school. Our politics in this city are looking more like Memphis every day.