Grants aid children of killed Marines

Grants aid children of killed Marines


June 3rd, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Grants aid children of killed Marines

On Memorial Day, we remembered those who made the extreme sacrifice, but most of us will meet the wounded or widows of our armed forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. If we do, we most likely feel we should be doing something other than just saying thank you.

There's an outstanding nonprofit foundation, rated as one of America's Best Charities, where 98.7 percent of donated funds go to provide education scholarships to every child of a U.S. Marine or federal law enforcement officer killed on active duty. The foundation also assists those wounded with medical and other costs not covered by the government or the VA.

These scholarships were also given to every child of a member of our armed forces killed in the Iraq invasion.

Tens of millions of dollars have been raised from Americans to show appreciation for service to our nation. Every penny donated to the foundation (formed in 1995) is accounted for by a dedicated and unpaid board of directors with one part-time employee.

The foundation is the United States Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. All donations are tax deductible and can be made online by visiting Please join in showing our appreciation to the families of those who have paid such a heavy price to protect our country.


USMCR (Retired)

Chickamauga, Ga.

Show on military cemeteries inspires

PBS Channel 45 showed a remarkable program Monday (May 30) titled "Hallowed Ground."

It detailed America's military cemeteries all over the world where our heroes are buried.

It was very impressive with the care and beauty of them.

Every politician, school student over 10 and all Americans who love our country and our great military should see this and be grateful for our freedom.


Rock Spring, Ga.

We need public officials with vision

I was proud of adopting Tennessee as my state. I came from Alabama and thought Tennessee was more progressive. Boy was I wrong! The Legislature is trying to destroy public education as we know it. Sen. Bo Watson wants to change the way science is taught. Republicans want guns allowed in our parks, schools, bars, restaurants, churches and God only knows where else.

Most of the county commissioners had to have a lesson on birth control, and we have a school board that doesn't know success when it stares them in the face. They say they want to save money, yet are willing to spend $280,000 of the taxpayers' money to fire a successful superintendent, a year before his contract is up. Rhonda Thurman said asking the county for money was "immoral." Such stupidity!

Fred Skillern calling his African-American colleagues "n------" because he was convinced they would not go along with his agenda and illegal meeting is beyond the pale. He embarrassed all but the racists in Hamilton County. There seems to be a conspiracy in county government and the school board to thwart progress, and they are oblivious of it.

We are so behind Davidson, Shelby and Knox counties we will never catch up unless we elect public officials with vision.


Walden, Tenn.

Columnist misses key Medicare point

Regarding Paul Krugman: "Medicare and Mediscares," May 28. He gloats about the Democratic win in New York, which he attributes to Paul Ryan's Medicare plan, and there is probably some truth in this view. But in his short-term view he never mentions the future problem facing Medicare: its insolvency. He doesn't care. Ryan's plan envisions the future and the continued life of a health plan for all. Bill Clinton agrees that something must be done. Ryan provides logical thinking and a great beginning.


Crossville, Tenn.

Tobacco use isn't our enemy

The editorial on "Riverbend reduces smoking" (May 31) disgusts me. The (editorial shows) little common sense when it comes to the responsible use of tobacco products. It is our freedom and right as Americans to enjoy tobacco products.

This editorial stated, "The ban does not include smokeless tobacco, and the smoking ban is not inclusive." I support a reduction in areas where smoking is prohibited and respect others' opinions. However, how do you suggest regulating smokeless tobacco users? Smokeless tobacco does not negatively affect anyone but the user. Americans have the right to drink beer at Riverbend, and in return they should have the right to enjoy a cigarette, cigar or chew. Tobacco products have never caused anyone to receive a DUI on their way home from Riverbend. Overeating and alcohol consumption are just as or more harmful than responsible tobacco use.

Tobacco helped this country become what it is today. The tobacco industry employees thousands of Americans, and these are good-paying jobs.

Finally, responsible tobacco use is not our enemy. The far left is. Let's support our freedoms that the United States of America was founded on. In the future, if Riverbend bans tobacco, I will not attend.


Member, Cigar Rights of America Ooltewah

Man not behind global warming

"Republican anti-environmental wing." Are you kidding me?

"The consensus on climate change has become virtually undeniable." Puuuleassse!

June 1 editorial "Global warming's challenge" is a demagogy of left-wing falseness which is debunked and simply corrected in just two words. Mount Pinatubo.

The volcano Pinatubo erupted with incredible fury in the Philippines in June of 1991 and spewed forth more toxic greenhouse gases into the atmosphere during it's single 10-hour eruption than the whole history of mankind's contribution to your so-called "global warming challenge." That's the fact. Undeniable even to the "sky is falling" scientific community.

Here's some other facts. Other volcanoes erupt. Hurricanes happen. Tornadoes tear apart. Earthquakes eradicate. Tsunamis wash away. Temperatures rise and fall. All these things occur, and mankind has very little to do with these events other than as witness. Sure, let us clean up after ourselves and do what is good and right for our environments, but these ridiculous environmental scare tactics have become "the convenient untruths," thank you very much, Al Gore!

Truth is truth, and truth will set us free.


Cleveland, Tenn.

Skillern should quit over remark

On May 15, the Times Free Press revealed in the editorial, "A haunted school system," that in speaking to an editor at the county courthouse, Commissioner Fred Skillern once used the N-word to describe three black members of the County Commission.

This type of bigoted behavior by a county official can have a severely detrimental impact on the decision for new businesses (especially foreign) wanting to locate here. Why have elected officials and the Chamber of Commerce not condemned this behavior?

Elected officials and the Chamber of Commerce may not have the courage to speak out about what they know is right, but I will say this publicly to Mr. Skillern:

Most Republicans are not racists. Most Democrats are not racists. Most voters in Hamilton County are not racists. So Mr. Skillern, the majority of voters do not support your racist agenda. Most of us in Hamilton County are Christian, and we are disgusted by your illegal and immoral actions on the commission and sickened by your casual use of racial slurs, while in the county courthouse.

Mr. Skillern, you have no credibility to represent the fine Republicans, independents or Democrats in this county. You should resign, immediately.