Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

March 23rd, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Bad words about park can spread

Why do we continue to let a group of wannabe thug punks take over our beautiful park that was intended for families?

The police department supposedly had a handle on things this past weekend. Why did it take until the point of gunfire to "have a handle"?

I'm not sure the newly implemented "no minors without adult supervision" is good enough. As long as these wannabes are with a friend who is over 21 years of age, they are under "adult" supervision.

My thought is to impose a 9 p.m. curfew for anyone under 21 years old. That could possibly solve part of the problem.

If nothing is done soon, word can certainly be spread not only to Chattanooga citizens, but to visitors from other states that Coolidge Park is not a safe place to visit.

If social media can bring together a group of unsupervised children with guns, it can definitely be used to spread word for civilized and family-oriented people not to visit.

It's up to our police department and other officials to make sure Coolidge Park is a safe place for our families. Otherwise it becomes nothing more than a graffiti-filled, drug-infested gang hangout.


Remove Hamilton as athletic director

I am a former pre-med student at UTC, a graduate of UT-Memphis Med School, and a lifelong UT fan. It doesn't take much studying and thinking about the UTK athletic department to see: If anyone needs to be replaced, it is the athletic director. Mike Hamilton has proven over and over again his poor judgment.


City leaders ignore the crime problem

Each morning when I read the Times Free Press and Chattanoogan.com, I wonder how many shootings and other crimes occurred in the previous eight hours.

There is a significant crime each and every single day in Chattanooga. What disappoints me is the silence from the mayor about the crime in Chattanooga. I guess he is too busy getting studies about various projects that he does not want to make an actual decision about trying to incorporate parts of the county that do not want anything to do with the city that Mayor Littlefield is supposed to be an actual leader of.

Do we actually have a mayor? What about the complete silence from the mayor's office and the City Council about the crime in Chattanooga? This "city government" is a laughing stock, if you ask me.

There is no leadership at all. This city needs help from the local government, but the crime problem is ignored. That fact is very disturbing.

ALISON FALINSKI, North Chattanooga

Obama's actions ignore Constituion

The U.S. Constitution provides Congress the power to authorize the use of military force and declare war.

Furthermore, the War Powers Resolution of 1973 says that the POTUS (President of the United States) can send U.S. armed forces into action abroad only by authorization of Congress or if the United States is already under attack or a serious threat.

In 2007 while campaigning for POTUS, Obama agreed with the Constitution and War Powers Resolution when he emphatically said, "The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."

I would like to know when his opinion on this changed.

Obama has unilaterally authorized force to be used in Libya without seeking approval from Congress, and I don't think he can justify the use of force by saying that Libya poses an immediate threat to the United States.

I believe this is another case of campaign lies and abuse of power. Does Obama respect our nation's Constitution and the separation of powers? It sure doesn't seem like he does.

RYAN SCAFE, Soddy-Daisy

Don't give Gingrich keys to the nation

Newt Gingrich can be forgiven for his past. But to give him the keys to the U.S.A. - not perhaps now, but perhaps never.

PETER GIBSON, North Chattanooga

Book's discussion about Nixon wrong

In her review of "Mad as Hell" (March 20), Adera Causey mentions that the author engages in "a discussion of the results of (Richard Nixon's) impeachment trial. ..."

Is it possible that both she and the author of the book, Dominic Sandbrook, are ignorant of the fact that Nixon was never impeached by the House of Representatives, which is the prerequisite to being tried by the Senate?

He resigned his office on Aug. 9, 1974. This put an end to the "Watergate Crisis" and stopped the likely process of impeachment and trial before it could begin.


Obama abandons war requirements

Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution authorizes the Congress to declare war and to establish and fund the military.

Article II assigns the president duties of commander in chief but does not authorize powers to declare war, fund the military, or use the military in a manner not authorized by Congress.

Congressional authorization and funding was not obtained for the military to wage war on the country of Libya. Yet under orders from the president alone our military is doing just that.

Even the hawkish Bush presidents sought and received approval from Congress prior to sending the military into action against foreign nations.

Our current president was a professor of constitutional law. One could assume he had prior knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.

We must now ask ourselves what we have here. Are we now the subjects of a king or dictator who acts upon the advice and approval of a foreign body like the United Nations rather than we the people?

It is the Congress that represents the people of the 50 states of these United States, not the United Nations. When Congress is left out of the decision-making process, we the people are abandoned.


Failure to collect taxes hits citizens

The war on the middle class has got to stop!

The Georgia Legislature and new governor recently passed a bill to limit or stop middle-class students from getting a college education by limiting or eliminating the HOPE Scholarship for 90 percent of the most deserving students.

In addition, they have cut teachers' salaries and benefits for the past three years, while other states are denying them, as well as other public employees, of their collective bargaining rights. Georgia already forbids collective bargaining.

Their reason: the state is short on money, causing these programs along with many others to be unsustainable, the new propaganda buzz word.

The sad truth is that they are correct to a point. But what they conveniently neglect to tell the general public is that one-fourth of all small businesses do not turn in the sales taxes they collect from consumers, accounting for billions in tax revenue. And let's not forget how they continue to allow Delta Airlines to purchase billions of gallons of jet fuel each year at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport without paying a single penny in taxes. And only 26 percent of lottery money actually goes to education.

It's time to stand up for your rights!

CHRIS SCOTT, Ringgold, Ga.