President Obama's credentials stellar and other letters to the editors

President Obama's credentials stellar and other letters to the editors

December 7th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

President Obama's credentials stellar

Rush Limbaugh's accusation that Gov. Chris Christie is "a fat fool" and a liar brings to mind an old adage citing hypocrisy: "the pot calling the kettle black."

Limbaugh, who referred to President Obama's occasional drug use years ago, was himself arrested after a three year investigation, the charges dropped when he entered a treatment program for addiction to drugs. A principal requirement for recovery is that addicts reject all "old ideas," something clearly not manifested in his behavior.

When Obama met with Christie, who graciously acknowledged the president's action in sending storm aid to New Jersey, Limbaugh gave a crass assessment of Christie's association with Obama, calling it "man-love."

Limbaugh had said Obama was a poor student at Harvard and was informed that Obama earned only C and B grades. Professor Laurence Tribe wrote this about Obama:

"He was the most impressive student and research assistant I have taught in 40 years at Harvard." Obama edited the Harvard Law Review, the most coveted honor in any law school. Obama was graduated Magna Cum Laude.

JOHN BRATTON, Sewanee, Tenn.

Moving boat parade is disappointing

My parents retired to Chattanooga 20 years ago, and my family and I have come to love your city. Chattanooga disappointed us recently, and I am writing to try and understand why?

My family's Thanksgiving traditions include dinner on Lookout Mountain on Thursday where everyone is always hungry after the Grateful Gobbler walk that morning. Friday morning, my brother and I help my father take our boat from Chickamauga Lake through the lock to downtown in preparation for the annual boat parade. We spend the afternoon finalizing the Christmas decorations on the boat, and later the whole family joins us for dinner on the water and the parade. The kids all pile under blankets onto the bow of the boat, singing Christmas carols and waving to the crowds on the shore; wishing the folks on the pedestrian bridge above a "Merry Christmas!"

This year Chattanooga Presents rescheduled the holiday boat parade, and my family's tradition ended. It is difficult to understand why the boat parade was moved.

Please consider returning the boat parade to the Friday after Thanksgiving, so that our family and others can enjoy this cherished tradition that earns Chattanooga such special place in our hearts.