'Let's be humane to one another' and more Letters to the Editors

'Let's be humane to one another' and more Letters to the Editors

June 3rd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Let's be humane to one another

During the Times Free Press-Channel 3 debate, Ron Bhalla, Chuck Fleischmann and Weston Wamp expressed opposition to homosexual marriage.

Now, Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C., wants to corral all the lesbian women and homosexual men behind electric fences. He says they would die out in a single generation because they do not procreate. This is true, but are electric fences and food drops the way to treat fellow humans?

It is true that each poor homosexual person with HIV/AIDS costs American taxpayers approximately $400,000 over their lifetime for treatment. Yet, there are thousands of innocent poor with this virus who are not homosexual. Let us all be humane toward one another. None of us are perfect.



Norton deserves to keep his seat

Everyone knows the old saying, "Don't fix it if it ain't broke."

The people of Hamilton County have a great General Sessions Court judge in David Norton, who was appointed in March to fill in for the recently deceased Judge Bob Moon until the next general election.

Judge Norton has three decades of direct experience with a wide range of legal affairs in Hamilton County, having practiced as an attorney since 1977, served as assistant county attorney since 1983, and been elected Soddy-Daisy City judge for three consecutive terms. Proven, respected and committed, Judge Norton is a highly effective Sessions Court judge and deserves to keep his seat on the bench.

A recent poll by Judge Norton's peers, the Chattanooga Bar Association, gave him an outstanding 53 percent vote of confidence on the job he is doing. Look for the name of Judge David Norton on the Aug. 2 ballot and please vote to confirm him in the job he is performing so well!



McCullough treated unfairly

I can't believe that a man like Tom McCullough would be treated like Rick Smith is doing to one of the best principals we have ever had.

I delivered mail to Hixson High School many years ago when Mr. McCullough was principal there, and there was no finer man than Tom McCullough (and still is.)

I still think he should always have been the superintendent of the county schools.

Think still again, Mr. Smith, and let him retire with the respect he deserves.



Mayfield a proven creator of jobs

I recently heard Scottie Mayfield speak to a group of folks about his experience as a business leader at Mayfield Dairy. I've watched some ask why he is running. But after hearing him speak, I know why he will make a good leader for us.

He talked about wanting to cut over-regulation out of business and reform the tax code. As a business owner myself, the regulation that I have to deal with is overwhelming. I have almost closed my business two times in six years, simply because of the regulations that I have to comply with. But reforming the tax code would help, too. It interferes with me making a profit, which is necessary to stay in business.

Scottie spent 40 years at Mayfield and grew the business to 1,450 employees. It's Scottie's business experience that really makes me believe he can help with the economy and help get rid of high unemployment. We need jobs in East Tennessee. I want someone who is a proven job creator. I'm for Mayfield. Let's all be for Mayfield on Aug. 2.


East Ridge

Mayfield hides from the voters

Candidate Scottie Mayfield is running a campaign best described as "duck and run." If he has a position on issues critical to voters in the 3rd District, wouldn't you think it logical he make those positions known? Instead he continues to duck the public forum and run from the press.

His refusal to participate in the recent Republican candidate debate is explainable only on the following basis: 1) He lacks any skills for debate, surely a liability in Congress, or 2) he has no positions on the issues to advance or defend.

I suspect both are true. Ask yourself, what is candidate Mayfield's position on Second Amendment issues, on Medicare/Medicaid, the national debt, proposed cuts to the U.S. military, continued foreign aid to Pakistan and Egypt, etc.? Do you know where candidate Mayfield stands on those critical issues? I don't, and I'm not sure even Mayfield knows. Instead he chooses to hide from the voters, the press and competing candidates. His campaign continues to stumble from one embarrassment to another, all the time avoiding not only the issues but the voters as well.

He recently said he will wait until after his election to formulate positions. We can only hope he is denied the opportunity to do so.



Support move to protect land

Growing up, I was constantly outside, playing in the woods, having adventures with my brother and sister. As we let our imaginations run wild in the back woods behind our home, I came to appreciate and respect the land where I spent many summer afternoons and the wildlife that also called this place home.

The Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2011 permanently protects 19,556 acres of Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest. If passed, the bill would create the first new wilderness area in Tennessee in 25 years. Wilderness is the highest form of protection for our public lands, and we need Congress to take action to designate an area as such. These beautiful expansions are open to all sorts of recreational activity such as fishing, hiking, hunting and camping while preserving the purity of the wild.

Best thing about the bill: it costs the taxpayer nothing. That's why I'm volunteering my time with Tennessee Wild, a group committed to protecting the Cherokee National Forest, at the upcoming Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga

My mother always told me to stand up for what's right and to lead by example. This is what I'm doing.


Be vigilant about your teen drivers

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers on our nation's roadways. You may hear about this topic often in the next few months since teen drivers are at their most vulnerable, but safe teen driving is a year-round issue. We need to be vigilant about the safety of our novice drivers every day.

I lead the Tennessee Teen Safe Driving Coalition and am grateful to the Allstate Foundation and the National Safety Council for establishing our coalition and others just like it in nine different states. We work to involve parents, educators, community members and teens in our year-round initiatives. Together, we can curb injuries and fatalities associated with crashes involving teen drivers, not just over the summer, every day.

The next 100 days are a great time for parents to talk with their teens about safe driving. I encourage parents to monitor their teen's driving habits. Be mindful of common crash factors such as driving at night, using a cell phone and carrying passengers. By doing so, parents may prevent their child or someone else from becoming a statistic.


Tennessee Teen Safe Driving Coalition Leader

Jackson, Tenn.

Stop confusing 'lie' and 'lay'

Please help! The national plague confusing lie and lay is getting out of hand! Julia's last drop was to "lie" on the ground, after which she "lay" there a while (I assume).

Seriously, it is embarrassing to have such a glaring grammatical error. Help!


Signal Mountain