'Nation fares better under Democrats' and more Letters to the Editors

'Nation fares better under Democrats' and more Letters to the Editors

September 16th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Nation fares better under Democrats

Political satirist Stephen Colbert claims "reality has a well-known liberal bias." It appears he is right. Although Republicans extol virtues of fiscal conservatism as if it were an indisputable law of nature, an article of faith, if you will, the facts reveal just the opposite.

Over the last 60 years under five Democratic and six Republican presidents, except for the wealthiest 5 percent, we've fared significantly better under Democrats when judged by these five key economic measurements: GDP growth (4.1 percent v 2.9 percent), employment (2.9 percent v 1.7 percent), inflation (4.0 percent v 5.1 percent), Dow Jones performance (8.1 percent v 6.5 percent) and the U.S. dollar valued against European currencies (+0.8 percent v -3.6 percent). The differences are even greater when George W.'s eight years are considered alone.

These measurements have been astonishingly consistent over the years, even in constantly changing circumstances. The Democrats seem to do better no matter what you measure, how you measure it or how you manipulate the data.

In view of the alleged liberal bias of the mainstream press, we might wonder why these facts have remained largely unpublished. But although the columnists and reporters might lean slightly to the left, the media moguls do nothing of the sort.


Rossville, Ga.

Look for insight, not confirmation

Over the past year I have read more letters to the editor threatening to cancel their subscription than I can remember. I have read letters from both the far left and extreme right criticizing an article or an editorial. I say to those people, cancel the paper now! If facts in an article don't agree with your "accurate account" of events, you already know everything anyway. If an editorial disagrees with your "better" opinion, then no editorial will allow you to think from a different perspective.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves whether we are looking for news and insight or just personal confirmation. Take heart, though, there is always Fox News or MSNBC. Keep up the good work, Chattanooga Times Free Press!


LaFayette, Ga.

Crutchfield not an option

Former Tennessee state Sen. Ward Crutchfield is being suggested as a candidate for the Chattanooga City Council. His opponents would be Chris Anderson and Manny Rico for the District 7 seat. Crutchfield shouldn't be an option.

Chattanooga remembers why he was forced to retire from his Senate office. Crutchfield's neo-liberal politics don't align with the needs of the people residing in District 7. He was caught accepting $12,000 in bribes during an FBI and TBI sting named Operation Tennessee Waltz. He pleaded guilty, got fined $3,000 and was sentenced to six months of home confinement. Crutchfield also hoarded $166,000 of leftover campaign contributions in a war chest back in 2008. This is money that he is not allowed to keep for himself.

There is no reason this city should trust him. Chattanooga already has enough corruption in City Hall with Littlefield's sketchy land deals and his overpaid unregistered lobbyists. If he runs, don't fall for Crutchfield. Vote wisely.


Help Howard revive its band

I am a middle-age white woman who has written many times to the paper to complain about the many problems in the black community, the crime, the gangs, the over representation in public housing. I haven't been happy about most things I have read. However, after reading about the problems facing the Howard High School band with students having to play instruments literally held together by tape, I cried, and that is not a figure of speech, I really did cry.

I challenge the churches and other schools to donate a hundred dollars, or a hundred pennies, or a hundred any amount for the "marching 100." Howard High is trying to come back, and their band would and will give them something to be proud of and strive for.

If my creaky memory doesn't fail me, seems I remember back in the day when we had parades downtown, Howard High was a force to be reckoned with - unbelievable. Now more than ever with the gang problem, young people at Howard High need this so badly, so please all of you give a hundred for the marching 100 and enable them to make Chattanooga proud to have such a band.


Elect president by popular vote

The Electoral College system has to go. Everything I see and read about this upcoming election reminds me that ultimately my vote does not matter.

I am told if I wanted my vote to matter I should have moved to Ohio a few weeks ago. Elections based solely on the popular vote would make people feel the urgency to vote. Even though your vote may not make a difference in the winner of Tennessee, it may be the vote needed to push things over the top on the national scale. I know a lot of people who do not vote because they think that their voice does not matter.

While we may not be able to declare a winner by 11 p.m. on election night, I would be OK with that. Take two weeks, take a month, as long as every vote, every ballot, and every absentee is counted we can feel good about the outcome.

The need for the Electoral College system has long since passed. In a world of 24-hour news, high speed Internet and smartphones, we have an informed electorate which is more than capable of making a choice. If we can pick an American Idol by popular vote, we should be able to pick a president the same way.


Move ahead, but don't overlook past

In Clint Cooper's online article "Highland Park Baptist moving to Harrison, changing name," he wrote and included a quote from the new pastor, Dr. Jeremy Roberts:

"(Dr. Lee) Roberson, who was pastor for 40 years and started Tennessee Temple University and Temple Baptist Seminary, retired in 1983, several months before (Pastor) Roberts, 28, was born. 'That' said Roberts, 'is a wake-up call for Highland Park Baptist Church to move on.'

As a graduate of Temple and admirer of Dr. Lee Roberson and Dr. J.R. Faulkner, I ask Dr. Roberts: Since you just arrived in April, is it possible that you do not know the plethora of godly men and women who paved the way for you to pastor one of the greatest churches in the history of our state? You implied the past was "asleep" and you are going to "wake up" the ministry. Do not overlook thousands of people who became Christians because of Highland Park Baptist Church, or who are missionaries, or who are members of churches established by HPBC, or who were educated under some of the best, godly professors at Temple.

We need to move forward but not forget the important foundations that were laid before we even arrived.


Government, religion don't mix

Many Christians have skewed notions of religious freedom. I have Christian family members and cannot help but be bombarded by things I personally believe to be nonsensical and wasteful of our human potential. But this does not mean I want to suppress anyone's right to practice their religion or believe such fanciful fantasies.

When the Freedom From Religion Foundation noted that no school board should pray before meetings, it was not saying anything about whether Christians have a right to pray for family members suffering or just to talk to their deity for some consolation about the unknown and frightening nature of our world.

The government and any extensions thereof created by taxpaying citizens have no reason to be involved in religious matters or place a religious endorsement or favor toward any belief or lack thereof. I would feel insulted if someone was trying to promote any variation of a disbelief in God in government as much as when someone promotes belief in God as if that will solve our political problems. People's belief or nonbelief in anything supernatural is not pertinent to recovering our country: it is our shared values of liberty and justice for all.


Sewanee, Tenn.