Silence shows respect of religion and other letters to the editors

Silence shows respect of religion and other letters to the editors

September 21st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Silence shows respect of religion

Bravo to the retiring chancellor of UTC. No one during moments of silence loses any religious rights. It is not a time of freedom from religion but rather respect of religion. If you do believe in Jesus you know he can hear you even when you don't open your mouth.

Changing course - who is better off today than four years ago? Lots of middle-class Americans may not be. But there are four we know who are: Romney, Paul, Fleischmann and Corker.

Three of them receive taxpayer money for their salaries, enjoy guaranteed retirement pay and have excellent health coverage. Being Republicans in this area, they also have job security. They all oppose being on the "public dole."

Is Alice still in wonderland?

GEORGE DUNCAN, Rossville, Ga.

Romney hasn't been honest

I think the 2012 presidential election has become crystal clear.

The American people always wanted its president to be honest with them. Mitt Romney does not bring the honesty quality to the table. He has failed to tell the truth on many occasions. He makes statements that are untrue, and when the statements are fact-checked and proven wrong, he continues with the lies.

This is not what America wants in its president. But this is who Mr. Romney is. If you want a president who will protect Social Security for older Americans today and strengthen it for future generations, one who will put Medicare on a stronger financial ground and protect beneficiaries today and in the future from the burden of rising health care costs, then the Obama-Biden team is the one we should go out and vote for on Nov. 6. Go vote!


Time to bring back the 'Big Stick'

Regarding the situation in Libya.

Didn't we almost have the same situation there when Theodore Roosevelt was president? We need to get the "Big Stick" again -- if this president could lift it.


Erlanger provides professional care

Four weeks ago today (Sept. 1), I took my son to Erlanger's ER. Today, he is home with me and recovering from a major operation. He has a way to go, but we will get there.

He is alive and improving thanks to the quality and commitment of a wonderful group of doctors, nurses, PAs, aides, etc., at Erlanger.

In spite of all the bad press Erlanger has received due to management decisions, there was no question as to where to take him.

Erlanger has an amazing collection of loving and caring people. Not once did any of us have contact with a care provider who was less than professional, pleasant and, above all, totally responsive to his needs and our needs.

After surgery, he was in bed 8, Cardiac ICU. He had Kathy as his nurse, the same as me in 2004. I knew then that he was in caring hands and would get well! My care was superb; his exceeded mine. Over the past four weeks, others have shared similar Erlanger experiences with me. We are blessed in this community to have this facility and staff.

To paraphrase Tiny Tim, "God bless them every one!"

Thanks, Erlanger.


Polo is a joy to watch at farm

Thanks to the people at Bendabout Farm for allowing the public to come to their beautiful field to see professional polo matches. Everyone from small children to older adults seemed to have a good time. This event has enabled locals to become more familiar with the sport and enjoy the athletes and horses.

Thanks, Bendabout.


Republicans aren't racists

For many decades now, voters have been targeted by the liberal left for one of the greatest myths on record, that conservative Republicans are racists. But the facts are the exact opposite: To which party did Abraham Lincoln belong? What about Teddy Roosevelt? Which party fought hardest against lynchings and beatings of blacks in the South? Which party has had more African-American upper-level government employees? Which party has the most African-American congressmen? Correct - the Republican Party!

Do you recognize the names Darius Rucker, Lee Elder, Charlie Pride, Clarence Thomas, Richard Steele, Herman Caine, Tiki Barber, Col. Alan West, Condoleeza Rice, J.C. Watts, Bill Russell, Charles Payne, Angela McGowan, Candace Parker, Gov. Douglas Wilder, Artur Davis, Tim Scott or Mia Love? Well, you should get to know them, for they are well respected and well known, and they are all conservative African-Americans who have spoken out many times against the socialist policies of Barack Obama.

Wake up, America - liberal Democrats are hoping you will stay uninformed and vote to keep them in power. Don't!


Does writing change beliefs?

The other day, after all the world's insanity got to me, I found myself slipping from confusion and anger to amusement as I read the "Letters to the Editors." I see newspaper editorial pages as the undeclared truth that we are guilty of inflicting overly self-important opinions onto others. Of course, the reader, like a bystander holding a brick next to a street riot, is asking for it. No one changes anybody's mind by "writing" our wrongs, but we try to get something off our chest and rub it onto someone else. Yuk! But we all believe what we believe, and we can't believe in something we don't believe in. If a belief does change, now you've got something brand spanking new not to believe in.

I believe I'm done. Happy writing.

JIM GOODIN, Decatur, Tenn.

Emissions testing wastes energy

Does anyone remember the toll-booth scene from the movie "Blazing Saddles"? If you compare this to Hamilton County's emissions testing, you'll find a hysterical resemblance -- they're both a joke.

If you think your annual $10 and trip to the testing facility is making the air cleaner, you should also be worried about the Internet thing catching on because there is no evidence of a positive environmental effect.

If this were a statewide or federal initiative, it might possibly make a difference. The island approach of solely our county's attempt is an exercise in futility. There are thousands of vehicles traveling through our county daily not from here. Additionally, if it were stat-wide you could at least have your vehicle tested anywhere in the state rather than polluting the air further and wasting energy to drive back to Hamilton County for this farce (such as a college student). If the county needs the revenue, it would be financially advantageous to simply charge $10 more for the tag, eliminate the charade, conserve wasted energy/time, and allow for renewing the license from anywhere within the state via the web app.

Please encourage your county officials to consider this.


No group can take away prayer

There have been several local news stories recently about public prayer. Seemingly, those few who oppose God have a strong voice in our land. I expect that eventually no public institution will be able to legally show any allegiance or association with the God of the Bible. That is unfortunate because, despite popular opinion, this country was founded and is sustained upon Godly principles. The moral problems we see in our world today -- either public or private -- will never be resolved without God.

While prayer may be erased from our public life, your individual right to pray to God will never be taken away. Prayer is one of the greatest benefits we have as Christians. Think about it -- you have a direct line of communication with the One who created this world and everything in it! It is only through Jesus Christ that God recognizes us as His children (John 14:6). Hebrews 7:24-26 tells us that Christ "always lives to make intercession for us." That says that Jesus is an active participant in our prayers and He goes to God on my behalf. No individual, group or government will ever be powerful enough to take that away.