Good Deed: Grandma's 'rice bags' soothe aches, pains

Good Deed: Grandma's 'rice bags' soothe aches, pains

September 23rd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

We want to celebrate our grandmother's 85th birthday Sept. 27. She does numerous good deeds, but if we had to choose one it would definitely be her "rice bags."

Grandma has made thousands of rice bags over the years. It is her own little ministry to help others with their aches and pains. Even though Grandma has aches of her own, she thoughtfully cuts, sews, stuffs and gives these soothing comforts to anyone in need. If you know our grandma or even anyone in our family, for that matter, chances are you have a rice bag. Grandma makes these free of charge and doesn't seem to mind when we call in our orders for friends and colleagues.

She is truly an example of generosity and love. We are blessed to have Virginia Yarman as our grandma.

Michelle Allmond, Melissa Alverson, Michael Colquette, Adam Yarman, Yvonne Parrish, Jenny Norman, Jessie Yarman and Nicole Barrett