Idea that Jesus had wife 'rubbish' and other letters to the editor

Idea that Jesus had wife 'rubbish' and other letters to the editor

September 24th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Idea that Jesus had wife 'rubbish'

For what it's worth, I'd like to comment on an article in the Sept. 19, Chattanooga Times Free Press: "A faded piece of papyrus refers to Jesus' wife"?

I do not claim to be a Bible scholar. I can tell you that I am 70 years old, I've lived in Chattanooga all my life. I've read the King James Bible through several times. I have found no reference to this rubbish.

I do recall when I was a child of 11 years old. I heard a similar story of this paper back then. The article was almost the same references.


Let's re-examine Romney's remark

The persistent abuse of Romney's "47 percent" remark is clear indication of two things: Democrats' underhandedness and journalistic complicity.

Let's take a look. Ignore the fact that the video was obtained illegally and look at the context of the remark.

Pretend you are one of the attendees who put $50,000 in the collection jar to help you decide who to fund in the presidential race. You want to evaluate his strategy, if any.

Now pretend you are Romney and you want to make the strongest appeal you can. How do you make them feel needed and important? Among other things, you say that 47 percent of voters won't send you a dime, so the burden of financing a Republican candidate falls on them. Note that Romney says he won't be financially supported by 47 percent, not that they are unimportant citizens but that they are not part of his financial support group. Probably overstated, but it's a sales pitch to a select group for a specific purpose, not a governing principle.

What Democrats have done is turn it completely around and inside out, and most media are feeding it to a population eager to believe without thinking. Let's all be smarter than that.


School relocation worth the money

In reading the Sept. 20 article, "School project moves forward," I was astonished to find out that the East Brainerd Elementary School was relocating to a different site. In many ways, I am glad that the school project for the new relocation is under way.

Many times I have traveled that road where the school is located and during the busy hours of 3-6 p.m., that street is traffic-filled. Many children are being picked up by parents or school buses, which causes a huge traffic problem.

Another reason why I agree with Gary Waters, assistant superintendent for auxiliary services, in going forward with this project is because that street can be very dangerous for the children attending the school. I have witnessed cars racing down the street not paying attention to the speed limit.

I understand that the project will require a substantial amount of money, but I think the school, the students, and the school superintendent are ready for a new change.


Safety of clinical trials not certain

I commend the paper on the Sept. 11 article covering the availability and importance of clinical research trials in Chattanooga. However, as a clinical researcher with 16 years of experience, I am concerned about certain statements and facts in the article.

The statement that "Chattanooga doctors involved in research said clinical trials allow them to offer safe and tested technology to patients..." is a misrepresentation of fact. This error also appears in this sentence: "Patients should remember that clinical trials have been tested extensively before they are tested on patients, Bhatka said, which means the treatment is safe."

In fact, manufacturers are required only to prove product safety in animal studies before they are tested in healthy human volunteers. The large majority of clinical trials are conducted specifically to determine if an investigational medical device or drug is safe.

It is inappropriate for any absolute claims of safety to be made by physicians or companies throughout the testing of a new product. That is a decision made only by the FDA when approving the product for marketing in the U.S. Clinical Trial volunteers deserve correct information when considering participation in this important research.


Consider contrast in candidates

As American citizens, we all have a responsibility. That includes finding out the truth about candidates, the important truths, like how they behave as fellow citizens.

We've seen what Obama will do. He stopped a menacing depression in its tracks, rescued GM, killed Bin Ladin, and extended health care. He did all of this in the face of withering and snide opposition determined to force failure on the president of the United States. Obama has not brought all the change some voters hoped for, but he's worked hard, improved the mess left by Bush. And, Obama's investments are here, in the U.S.A.

Let's consider what Romney will do. What he's done is get rich by stripping American companies of assets, firing workers, and sending money out of the U.S. Romney flip-flops, and won't release tax returns for his income during the Bush years. Romney's invested in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts.

The stark contrast leaves no doubt about which man we can trust. As a responsible, taxpaying American citizens, we're voting to re-elect President Obama.


Romney clueless on middle class

Are you poor or middle class? What do you earn in a year? Do you consider yourself middle class or poor?

According to Mitt Romney middle class Americans earn $200,000 to $250,000 per year. I guess by Mitt's reasoning people earning under $200,000 per year are poor.

I say let the rich vote for Mitt and the rest of us poor and middle class vote for Obama.

Mitt is just not in touch with us poor and middle class citizens.


Sharing the road is two-way street

It is good to have bicycles share our roads. Now they need to share the responsibilities.

In order for everyone's safety they should have all the safety features and other equipment that lets other motorists know what they intend to do. First, they need a headlight, taillight, turn signals and a stop light. Next, they need to be licensed, registered, taxed, and have insurance to cover the damage and wrecks they cause. The also need medical coverage.

Now we are getting somewhere and we will all be much safer.

JERRY PLACE, Rossville, Ga.

All you left leaners could be next

Being an independent voter, I vote for the man/woman, not what pleases a political party. In the past I vote for Truman, Kennedy, Reagan and Bush, whomever I thought would do the best job for the country.

This time around I feel this administration is doing more harm to our country than any other administration in my lifetime. Obama's socialist policies and actions or lack of action scare the heck out of me. I am leaning pretty hard to the right for my vote this time. What I do not understand is all the left leaning media, as they have the most to lose.

Be forewarned all you left leaning editorialists and cartoonists, you may be next.

VINCE PATTERSON, Signal Mountain