Paper may as well get rid of conservative side and other letters to the editors

Paper may as well get rid of conservative side and other letters to the editors

August 8th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Paper may as well get rid of conservative side

I learned this morning that Drew Johnson, the Free Press editorial page editor, had been terminated for a headline he wrote indicating that President Obama could “take his job plan and shove it.”

Obviously a takeoff on the song by Johnny Paycheck, this phrase was nothing more than an eye-catching means of taking issue with the president’s jobs agenda. There are generally two sides to every political question and each side should have the right to express their viewpoint on the same. You seem more than willing to allow Liberal columnists have their say on a variety of issues, often in quite graphic and forceful terms. If you’re unwilling to accept anything other than tepid criticism of President Obama’s agenda from Conservatives, you might as well do away with the right side of the editorial section and let Clay Bennett fill it with cartoons. Because that’s what your paper will have become—a joke!

HOWARD BROWN, Lookout Mountain

Good riddance to Drew Johnson's arrogance

Kudos to the Times Free Press for finally getting rid of Free Press editorial page editor Drew Johnson.

His arrogant, off -the-wall, and malicious editorials were so out of touch with the majority of the paper's readers. From his personal vendettas with local public figures to his suggestions of legalizing prostitution and lowering the legal drinking age to 19 (causing even more teens to die on our roads), he used the paper to spread his warped views.

Good riddance!

DAVID SNYDER, Ringgold, Ga.

Obama administration a disgrace to America

Why would our congressmen and governor want to waste precious time listening to Obama's worn out speech that has been around for four years? Why should they listen to a narcissist blame the House and everyone else for his failed policies? Congressman Fleischmann has worked hard trying to get funding for the Chickamauga Lock and Dam. Our president continues to ignore this dire situation. I noticed this was not addressed in his speech. I guess he would rather spend our tax dollars on his luxurious family vacations which cost us millions of dollars.

His phony scandals remark is an insult to all Americans and the families of the deceased. Four men dead in Benghazi and one man dead and hundreds of Mexicans in the Fast and Furious scandal which has all been ignored by this administration. The IRS admitted to targeting conservative groups. How can this and dead bodies be phony scandals? What a disgrace this is!

Is there any question as to why our representatives chose not to attend this event? Kudos to them to continue to do their work we elected them to do instead of wasting their time and taxpayers money attending this event.


Firing shows the left is intolerant to others

I have been a subscriber for several years. I enjoy the "newspaper" experience. However, I cannot tolerate the paper's action against Mr. Johnson. The left is far less tolerant and far less civil than the right has ever thought about being. I will not be renewing my subscription to your paper.

ERIC FRIX, Cleveland, Tenn.