When staples go missing, pages fly - and more letters to the editors

When staples go missing, pages fly - and more letters to the editors

August 20th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

When staples go missing, pages fly

"Conservative" has more applications than just fiscal. So I do not miss sometimes-conservative, sometimes-wacko Drew Johnson.

What I do miss are the staples that held together Chattanooga Now, Dining Out, TV Times and other tabs the TFP publishes.

If a new press is within budget, surely the TFP can afford staples.

Pages are flying everywhere!


What has UTC done to open itself up to city?

In reference to a letter extolling UTC, the university should reach out, open up, and embrace Chattanooga. It is difficult to embrace an aloof and self-absorbed university that systematically isolates itself from the city that surrounds it.

What? You object? You say UTC is an "engaged metropolitan university"?

How many students do community-based service learning projects? How many faculty members collaborate with community members? How many tenure reviews require community scholarship? How many non-student community members are brought into UTC classrooms? How many local businesses thrive in UTC's shadow? In how many ways has UTC institutionally supported Chattanooga's revitalization? How many UTC resources are readily available to the community? How many times have university leaders sincerely asked community leaders, "How can we help?" How many community members would really miss UTC if it disappeared?

The answer to all of the above questions is, I'm sad to say, "Far too few."

Experts predict universities like UTC are headed for extinction. Here's how to remain relevant and viable: Stop being distant and ethereal. Come down off the hill. Shine your light where it really matters. Stop boasting about how brilliant UTC is and celebrate the community's lights. We have lots of them!

Yes, Chattanooga needs UTC. UTC needs Chattanooga even more. Please, get real, and get really engaged.

GREG LAUDEMAN, Ed.D., East Ridge

Johnson will be missed, but paper not in the wrong

Drew Johnson is an excellent example of an individual that has thought provoking opinions and shared them without thinking of a donkey or an elephant. I respect him for that and always enjoyed reading his opinion pieces.

With that said, too bad he does not own his own paper.

His firing has raised questions about the violation of his first amendment rights by the newspaper. The Times-Free Press cannot violate his first amendment rights. The rights of the free press and speech are the newspaper owners, not an employee's. The owners are exercising their freedom of press, they are paying people to provide that message, and they control that speech.

Mr. Johnson is welcome to provide his own press in any way he wishes (ex. A blog or his own newspaper) and exercise his free speech as well, but not if someone else is paying for it. T

his paper is not his free press or speech, just like any one else's workplace. If someone is paying for his services, Mr. Johnson has entered into some type of contract with this newspaper to provide his services as expected.

Mr. Johnson changed the final copy, not as expected.

Sincerely Drew, you will be missed.