Limit death appeals to only one year - and more letters to the editors

Limit death appeals to only one year - and more letters to the editors

December 10th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Limit death appeals to only one year

I applaud the move by the State of Tennessee to belatedly move ahead on 11 overdue executions. The fact that these convicts have languished on death row for so long has made a mockery of the justice system.

It is important to realize that execution is a punishment, not a release. There should be no debate over which drug to use for death by injection. If the drug/dose is lethal, that is what matters, not the comfort or welfare of the condemned convict.

Air in the bloodstream works fine, and there is no charge for the air. If the convict suffers while dying, that's fine ... remember this is a punishment first and foremost. One convict wants the electric chair. That's fine too. It works, so proceed. No debate over what drug to buy.

Years of multiple appeals of a death sentence have consistently made a mockery of the justice system. I would like to see the law changed to limit appeals to one year after which the sentence should be carried out immediately.

Thank you for your time and attention.

ALLAN PHILLIPS, Tunnel Hill, Ga.

What's wrong with Bennett?

After many years I left Arizona for a more peaceful Tennessee.

One of the things I did not miss was Steve Benson, the political cartoonist for the Arizona Republic. When the museum in Phoenix had a vulgar "art" display of the American Flag, Benson's choice was to make fun of the VFW marchers protesting the display. "Silly old men in funny hats," he called them. This from a man who once told me he revered our service men and women, and veterans and bragged about how much time he spent with them overseas.

Now we have another "editorial cartoonist" Clay Bennett saying that the "Reason for the Season" is the winter solstice. Why the insult to Christians? Why make fun of veterans?

Somebody please tell me why these so-called editorial cartoonists feel the need to insult kind people who do not deserve it? Is their purpose to generate letters and discussion as this missive? Or is it to reduce the paper's circulation?


Looking forward to Cheddar's

Chattanoogans are in for a Cheddar's treat with the opening of Cheddar's near Wal-Mart at Hamilton Place.

When you go to the restaurant you must order the appetizer of onion rings. One order is enough for four people. I can't wait.

NADINE M. CARDEN, Flintstone, Ga.