Fast-food jobs are complex and other letters to the editors

Fast-food jobs are complex and other letters to the editors

December 12th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Fast-food jobs are complex

Consider the turnover rate, the cost of training a person gets very expensive. Someone has to be taken from a regular position in the crew, while others on shift must make up the difference. Then there are the mistakes a new person will make, possibly losing a customer for good.

You ask, "Isn't that a manager's job?" But while they are working with the newbie they are not supervising the operation. Even seasoned workers need supervision.

Then there are the inevitable perks and the employer's portion of FICA. Employee breaks and meals have to be covered if taken on the clock. If taken off the clock the employees are losing that many payable hours. There's turnover, and the whole cycle begins anew.

There's more, bear in mind that all this is coming from someone who has worked on both sides of that argument. I've supervised hundreds and supplemented my Social Security checks, too.

J.J. PERRI, Ooltewah

Hate, fear are toxic for community

Please! I find it completely incredulous that folks are praising the group that petitioned for the reversal of same-sex spousal benefits! Ministers no less!

What part of "Love one another" and "God is love" don't you understand? Please take a breath and realize that your actions come from fear. Fear of the unknown, the unfamiliar, something different than what you perceive as normal.

Jesus always embraced our differences, offering unconditional love and compassion. Just because you do not understand it does not make it wrong. We were put here on earth to help each other through this human experience.

Wars are being fought in the name of God. God created all people on earth, not just Christians. We are all children of an all-knowing and loving God.

Please realize that by slinging hate you are giving yourself poison while expecting others to die. Hate and fear are toxic. What examples of behavior are we showing our children? Instead, let's pray for the highest and best for all concerned. Peace on earth, good will toward humanity. Namaste.

G. M. ARTHUR, Hixson