District 2 should cast votes for Tuder and other letters to the editors

District 2 should cast votes for Tuder and other letters to the editors

February 15th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

District 2 should cast votes for Tuder

Roger Tuder is an honest-working man with a church-going family. We need this kind of person who will work and help the people in this district. He has not been in jail for DUI, or pulled community service for 50 hours or had his drivers license suspended for 6 months.

A vote for Roger is the best choice for District 2. He is a people person and won't be a yes person for the mayor or previous mayor. Just for the people of District 2. Make your vote count for Mr. Tuder.


Cartoon takes cheap shot at McCain

The cartoon on Monday's paper depicting John McCain is another example how far liberal this paper has gone. The editorial page always has several articles from the liberal New York Times and Washington Post. In the editorial page on Jan. 5, there were four articles from the New York Times.

Since Lee Anderson resigned, the right editorial page is not what it used to be. What a shame.

John McCain has been an outstanding senator, honored by both parties, and he is a war hero who made the nation proud.

As a veteran, I want you to know this is a cheap shot to one of America's finest. The man that you liberals help put in the white house has done more damage to the economy and financial structure of this country than any other president.

What these next four years will do to this country, only time will tell.


Henderson is best choice for District 1

In a time when politics are plagued by corruption, we have the opportunity to elect a proven leader to serve our community. Chip Henderson has embodied all aspects of leadership and has proven himself a highly upstanding citizen in our community.

My children have grown up respecting Chip for all of the work he has put into helping them become better citizens. He taught Sunday school classes, coached youth sports and served on the PTA and school board. He will listen to all your issues and will work hard to make the right decisions. Chip is one of the best men I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a servant's heart, and I know he will be a great councilman.

Please join me and vote for Chip Henderson for District 1 City Council, a person you can trust.


District 1 can count on Henderson

I taught school for 37 years. During my career, I observed the decision-making skills of several principals. Trust and judgment in a principal should not be optional.

When a principal and chaperones take teenagers on a school trip, it is the expectation of parents that those teens will be accompanied by chaperones going and coming. When the principal took a group to Hawaii he wisely decided a few kids needed to be sent home early for bad behavior. His solution was to deposit them on a plane in Hawaii and let them find their way home on their own.

The principal and his wife, along with the chaperones continued their trip. The teenagers who traveled home without a chaperone wound up in Las Vegas. Parents were not amused. I believe past performance is a fair predictor of future performance, so I won't be voting for the District 1 City Council candidate who abandoned responsibility, but completed his Hawaiian holiday.

Vote for a person with good leadership skills and a person you can trust with our children. Vote for Chip Henderson, City Council District 1 on March 5.


Computer thefts highlight city problems

First we have Missy Crutchfield and the "case of the missing money" at the Tivoli/Memorial Auditorium -- apparently the auditors ate it (at least according to Missy).

Then we have Kim White at River City funneling catering contracts to one of her employees. Now we have some dude who steals new-in-box computers from the health department, and the health department director is refusing to answer why the new computers were in-house over a year, stored and not given to employees.

What's going on with accountability in management in Chattanooga these days?