'Let us all have equal weapons' and more letters to the editors

'Let us all have equal weapons' and more letters to the editors

January 8th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Let us all have equal weapons

Now that the drug cartels have assault weapons, they want to take guns away from us! Is there something wrong with this? Do we really want the antigun left dictating our constitutional rights? As long as there are criminals, drug cartels, gangs, carjackers, etc., then we should be able to protect ourselves with the same amount of firepower that they bring against us. The only thing the bans being considered will do is embolden the criminal elements of society.

Yes, I also believe that we have to put security forces in our schools. I also believe that teachers with carry permits should be allowed to carry but not required to. I just pray that my grandchildren will never be involved in a situation at school, but if this ever happens that there are armed protectors in place.

JAMES B. CASE, Signal Mountain

Middle class aided, despite DesJarlais

Congress, without the help of Rep. Scott DesJarlais, finally came together to protect the middle class.

On Tuesday, (Jan. 1), Congress passed a bipartisan compromise that extends much needed tax cuts for middle-class Tennesseans and local small businesses. And yet, Rep. DesJarlais ignominiously voted against extended tax cuts for middle class Tennesseans who are working hard to make ends meet and small businesses that make up the economic backbone of our economy.

If the fiscal cliff had not been averted, taxes on the middle class would have gone up by an average of $1,600, a hefty price to pay when the economy is struggling and millions are looking for work.

I think this is just another shameful decision in Mr. DesJarlais' political career.

HASSAN MIRZA, Tennessee Fair Share

'Cliff' performance in Senate pitiful

So the dreaded "fiscal cliff" has been averted, but about the only thing we can be thankful for is not to have to hear that hackneyed phrase over and over.

What a pitiful performance! Evidently, most senators got to see the 154-page bill only three hours before they voted. I guess there just was not enough time to notice the $76 billion (with a "b") tax giveaways to the likes of NASCAR, algae and asparagus growers, Hollywood, General Electric, windmill manufacturers, and the usual Wall Street crowd of Goldman Sachs, Citibank and Morgan Stanley. The lobbyists must be rubbing their hands.

As a final poke in the eye to taxpayers, we find we have just paid $7 million so that POTUS can finish his golf game in Hawaii.

Maybe the country's motto should be changed from "In God We Trust" to "God Please Save Us."