'Does editorial make any sense?' and more letters to the editors

'Does editorial make any sense?' and more letters to the editors

January 22nd, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Does editorial make any sense?

"Nusk" was the word for "batty, or not making sense" used by one of my sons when he was very young.

The question is asked regarding your Jan. 17 editorial, "Obama Exploits Tragedy" where you claimed "(Obama) showed his willingness to dance on the fresh graves of children for the sake of legacy, popularity...".

You ended the piece with, "(Obama's) unnecessary war on legal gun owners, expand surveillance on law-abiding citizens... ."

One might also ask the question: Who edits you? And, given the outlines of Obama's proposals that I've seen, are you making any sense? Where does your information come from? (Perhaps the same place that reported Warren Buffet to be a tax cheat?)

Since you are apparently free to show no restraint and appear to be a "libertarian loose cannon," why not share what you really think about the "controls" on child labor?


Berke has earned trust, confidence

Regarding the Free Press "Drew's Views" editorial Jan. 18, which asked, "Would Andy Berke make a good mayor? Who knows?"

I was not surprised to discover that you would be bereft of an answer to your own question. Clearly, the fact that you are a newcomer who has demonstrated on more than one occasion that you lack the substantive understanding of our community that can only be gained as a result of actually living here and being part of our fine city leaves you unable to answer your own question.

For the majority of Chattanooga residents, including this registered Republican, your question has a simple and credible answer. Specifically, Andy Berke and his family have been a positive influence in our city for generations. Andy was born and raised here and is a known and very credible leader who has earned the trust and confidence of Chattanooga residents. I can look back over the years at Andy's consistent demonstration of excellent moral character, family values and fine leadership skills, and I can comfortably conclude that Andy will make an excellent mayor for Chattanooga. I am glad that I was able to help you answer your own question.


Writer stokes reactionary fervor

"Obama exploits tragedy" is an editorial that ignores history and distorts facts. Our president is using an appallingly recurring event while Americans are focused on it to try to lessen the possibility of reliving yet another one. Compare that to results of George W. Bush exploiting the horrific attacks on 9/11/01 to stampede Americans into supporting an unnecessary war and accepting government intrusions on their liberties.

This defense of the status quo with respect to guns is rife with half truths, unsupported allegations and false equivalencies. One reason that this nation is so dangerously polarized is because of the recklessly fabricated and divisive assertions that writers such as this one routinely advance under the cover of defending individual rights against an imagined "tyrannical" government. This editorial is yet another example of the dangerous inciting of the ignorant and the fearful among us.

If the writer is as smart as I think he is, he should be ashamed of himself. If he is neither, this newspaper should look for a responsible spokesperson who promotes rational conservative thought rather than one who stokes mindless reactionary passions.

TED TIMELIER, Signal Mountain

Newspaper remiss in spreading story

Shame on the management of this paper for reprinting a national story that is derogatory to Subway by claiming that our footlong subs are not 12 inches. You managed to perpetuate an Internet story without checking the facts.

You may think it is funny, but as an employer of 60 people in your area, I don't. You will find every footlong piece of bread in my stores to be 12 inches long and freshly baked. Anyone can find a bad sandwich somewhere in this world and put it on the Internet to harm people, and it spreads from there. Be careful what you spread.

CHUCK MEGAHEE, Subway Franchisee

Trio ignoring those in need

Chris Carroll's report in Friday's paper titled "Superstorm aid 'no' votes draw donor criticism" tells a much larger, more important story about Scott DesJarlais, Chuck Fleischmann and Tom Graves. Our fellow Americans in the New York area are in extreme, dire need and were told by these three, "There is no help for you, and even though the Constitution has a general welfare clause, it doesn't apply to you."

There are some things we do based on our actions being the right thing to do. The traditional balance sheet of "debits and credit" is placed on the "back burner." We have to help those devastated by events beyond their control. We have to help them, no matter the cost. It is what we do, except for Fleischmann and DesJarlais from Tennessee and Graves from Georgia.

I can confidently and openly declare that I will never, ever vote for Chuck Fleischmann the representative from my district. I only wish I could vote against both Reps. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee and Georgia's 9th Congressional representative Tom Graves. Fleischmann is a disgrace and a black eye for the 3rd District in Tennessee.


Some handicaps aren't visible

Today I found a rather poorly written note on the windshield of my car that stated, "You really looked handicap. Must be mental!?" I didn't notice when it was put there and spotted it when I arrived home.

Every once in a great while some fool condemns me for having a handicapped plate and using a handicapped spot. To those who do this to folks whose handicaps are not visible, I say, "Shame on you!" The people who make such comments/write such notes have no idea what handicaps we have, why we need the plates or placards on our cars, and why we use those spots. It could be anything from a heart condition to leukemia/cancer, skeletal issues, and other non-visible health problems.

Please mind your business and be grateful you don't need the plates, placards, spots or medical attention that goes with those "invisible" health issues. Your time would be better spent learning good grammar.


Economic woes result of abortion

My husband and I were driving in Trenton when we came upon a church sign that read the following: "Scalpels kill more kids than guns." A great sadness came over me as I realized the tragedy of the 20 children killed in Connecticut and also the tragedy of abortion.

In the U.S. there are 154 abortions per hour, 3,700 abortions a day, 1.3 million in a year, and since being legalized in 1973, 52 million and counting.

Through the years I have noted several facts about abortion.

It is evil. Abortion has decimated two generations in America since 1973.

We are disappearing as a nation because of abortion. By 2040 the majority will be Hispanic.

Our economic woes are the result of abortion. We don't have enough people to be productive and fill technical or menial jobs.

Our religious heritage and cultural beliefs have been all but wiped out by the influx of other nationalities and ethnic groups that fill the population void.

Abortion is progressively cruel, moving from first trimester to killing on demand to partial birth abortion.

God bless our Children, born and unborn!

HELEN FUSSELL, Rossville, Ga.

Mitchell gets things done

I write in support of Jerry Mitchell's candidacy for City Council District 2.

His love for Chattanooga is infectious, and I have enjoyed seeing him contribute to this community in so many ways as I've grown up in this city.

During his tenure at city Parks and Recreation under Mayors Kinsey and Corker, Jerry had a proven track record of getting things done. His work involved the community and reflected its desires. And made our city a better place.

Now, as a small business owner, I am excited for Jerry Mitchell to be on the council because he will be a strong advocate for entrepreneurs and our enterprises. He's been there. He understands.

Please vote for Jerry Mitchell for City Council if you live in District 2.