Speak up, same-sex marriage opponents and other letters to the editors

Speak up, same-sex marriage opponents and other letters to the editors

July 8th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Speak up, same-sex marriage opponents

The president of The United States of America said in his Father's Day address that the one thing he missed the most in his childhood was a father. Then, when the same-sex marriage decision came from the Supreme Court, he was thrilled with it!


Every child, if he/she has one needs the example, influence, authority, dignity and support of a male figure and a female figure in his/her life. Time will show us the folly of this latest example of veering from the natural order provided by the power of life. It will be too late to do anything about it then.

Supreme Court decisions go into effect 25 days after they have been rendered. This gives anyone who wants to challenge the decision time to make their objection for a rehearing of the case.

Same-sex couples raced to the alter after the judgment was made. I am waiting for an outcry from those of us who care to follow the laws we live by, not by personal and carnal desires.

PEARL RANDAZZO, Pikeville, Tenn.

Deen's punishment not suited to crime

So Paula Deen used a racial slur years ago, but who among us hasn't? Whites aren't the only ones who use racial slurs; members of the black community call members of the white community derogatory names.

This country is becoming a country of hypocrites! I'm ashamed of us! Was there any kind of uproar over the filming of the video Li'l Wayne made while stomping our precious American flag? A few comments and it was soon forgotten. Nothing like what has happened to Paula Deen.

I realize our flag and our beliefs are looked down upon more today than ever before. If everyone in business who has ever used a racial slur stood up and admitted it, and were forced out of business like Deen has been, there would be few businesses.

I'm not condoning using racial slurs. That wasn't allowed when I was raising my three boys. I once acted in "To Kill a Mockingbird" at the Theatre Center -- and every time this language was used during performances I would cringe. It hurt me then, and it hurts now.

We need to think long and hard before "we cast the first stone," as quoted by a man who was looked down upon as well.


Airport authority has its own agenda

The controversy between the Chattanooga Airport Authority and private AAA business (TAC Air) at the Chattanooga airport needs to be addressed.

Why are they using our tax money to compete with a private enterprise when they should be using the time and money to entice more airlines to service the Chattanooga airport? Getting Southwest Airlines to fly into Chattanooga would be a major accomplishment.

In order to fly direct to anywhere, passengers have to drive to Nashville or Atlanta. We lost the headquarters of Krystal because of poor air service, and that should have been a wake up call. The airport authority seems to have its own agenda instead of the best interest of Chattanooga. Maybe our new mayor will take notice.

VINCE PATTERSON, Signal Mountain