'Tax classifications are not all the same' and more letters to the editors

'Tax classifications are not all the same' and more letters to the editors

June 5th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Tax classifications are not all the same

A May 21 article completely ignored a significant difference between the Chattanooga Organized for Action and the Chattanooga tea party. The tea party was asking for a 501(c)4 classification, which means that the organization does not pay taxes on donations, however the donations are not tax-deductible to the donor.

The Chattanooga Organized for Action application was for a 501(c)(3), in which the donations are tax-deductible for the donor. This is a significant difference. The Democrats seem to ignore this difference which, traditionally, was reserved for churches and legitimate charities.

Of course the 501(c)(3) should be more scrutinized, not less. So much for nonbiased news.

M.T. SCHMOLL, Signal Mountain

Atheists' book no comparison to Bible

It was amusing to me that the small group of atheists wanted equal time with the Bible in the cabins in Georgia. The Bible is a book of poetry, history, inspiration and wisdom, which is connected to the Christian religion. The book by atheists is simply a book of opinion written by someone who has no beliefs. There is no comparison.

I believe atheists who have to push their opinion on everyone are very insecure in their disbelief. Insecure people always have to be the center of attention and usually try to put other people down. If they were secure in their disbeliefs it wouldn't matter if there was a Bible in the cabins.

Atheists can sell their book in bookstores, but don't try to push your opinion onto others just because a Bible is placed in a cabin.

HAZEL D. STEEL, Cleveland, Tenn.

Americans should rethink Mexican travel

After reading about that poor lady who was arrested in Mexico, ("American woman's jailing in Mexico highlights tourist risks"), I urge all Americans not to go there. I've been there, but there is nothing that would get me to go again.

If they would arrest that lady, what would they do to an old lady like me? I don't want to find out!


Sequoyah Caverns' closing is unfortunate

How sad that Sequoyah Caverns is closing. When we were there, two school buses of kids were leaving after getting an education they will never forget.

How sad that other kids won't have that trip in their future. Our guide was terrific. She made our tour personal and special -- something you don't get at larger attractions.

If you haven't been there it's well worth the short trip. Hurry up. It's your last chance.


IRS's actions are corrupt and alarming

Anyone who condones the IRS targeting of conservative groups is unpatriotic and ignorant of the fundamental laws and principles upon which our government is based.

The fact that more right-, not left-leaning groups, were the targets of the IRS's troubling behavior should not be the issue. Instead, the focus and concern should be placed on the fact that the most powerful agency in our government, one that has no real accountability, and that, by definition, should be nonpartisan, has become corrupt.

Anyone who applaudes the agency's conduct simply because conservative groups were targeted is disgusting and does not deserve the opportunities and benefits that this country provides.