'Tea party's claims cannot be trusted' and more letters to the editors

'Tea party's claims cannot be trusted' and more letters to the editors

June 26th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Can you trust what the tea party and libertarians say they can do for America? The evidence says no!

First, there is no evidence a libertarian government has governed for more than a short while. Historically, some revolutions created temporary libertarian conditions, but they ended up dictatorships. No nation in the world today is libertarian. To some degree, Singapore is economically, but socially, it is totalitarian.

The tea party says it wants to go back to post-revolutionary time, ignoring the impotence of the Confederation, President Washington's limiting citizens' rights during the Whiskey Rebellion, passing an import tax and signing the Jay Treaty. Some conservatives wanted to impeach Washington because he overdrew his salary.

The most important evidence comes from the world today. Japan shrank its budget for years. That failed, so it changed tactics this year. Europe is in the midst of a severe recession because German and French conservatives wanted countries with large debts to cut budgets. Those countries sink deeper into malaise, with no improvement in sight.

People who are angry at Obama should consider who's at fault. He's cut the deficit and added millions of jobs, while tea party conservatives have blocked his bills to create jobs and aid citizens.


Riverwalk cyclists need to heed signs

After reading a recent letter printed about a careless cyclist, I would like to say that we have seen a similar issue with the cyclists. My husband and I walked from the Bluff View Art District to the Boathouse restaurant several weeks ago and were passed by quite a few cyclists going very fast with no warning whatsoever being given by almost all of them (only one or two did give any notice).

If the bicycle does not have a bell, they should have the courtesy to announce, "on your left," or right, as the case may be, upon approaching pedestrians. The signs say that pedestrians have the right of way, but many cyclists ignore this fact.

The writer stated the person who crashed into her stopped to check on her before riding on, but from the information in her letter, it does not sound as if she was doing alright!

Cyclists, please be more considerate and safety-conscious, or there could be a serious accident for all involved. Everyone should be able to enjoy Chattanooga's beautiful Riverwalk without fear of injury.


Teachers should not be made to carry gun

I appreciate the stance taken regarding the editorial "Arming Tennessee teachers."

As you know, the tasering of the LaFayette, Ga., student is not an isolated incident. Across the country, children as young as 5 years old have been suspended for talking about, and playing with toy guns made from things such as Legos. In Rockville, Md., a 6-year-old was suspended for holding up his hand in a "gun gesture" and saying "pow."

The discrepancy between what is deemed appropriate behavior for children in terms of firearms and expecting Tennessee teachers to respond to crisis situations is illogical and, frankly, poorly thought out. My father, in his 28th year of teaching, owns many firearms and maintains a deep respect for their lethality. However, most teachers are not at all versed in gun safety. It is outrageous to expect them to carry a firearm and respond safely and accordingly to crisis situations.


Athens, Ga.