'Water woes present win-win situation' and more letters to the editor

'Water woes present win-win situation' and more letters to the editor

March 5th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Water woes present win-win situation

Georgia needs water and wants to build a pipeline from the Tennessee River to Georgia. Tennessee could let Georgia build the pipeline, lease the strip of Tennessee land required to gain access to the river, and then charge Georgia for each gallon that flows through the pipeline. This is a win-win situation for both states. Georgia has water, and Tennessee receives money for the water.

Since Tennessee controls the pipeline inlet, if the river starts running low or Georgia falls behind on payment or for any other reason, Tennessee could stop the flow of water.

JIM GRIFFIN, Chickamauga, Ga.

Both sides in gun debate are legitimate

In the gun debate, two of the most common arguments have been that any limitation on arms is a violation of the Second Amendment and that the limitation of arms is necessary for public safety.

In the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms is attached to the security of a free state and oneself. A limitation could infringe on one's ability to defend oneself and country, but does not necessarily. An extreme example of a limitation on an arm that does not infringe on one's ability to defend one's self and country is an atomic bomb, which both poses a threat to the public safety, and is unnecessary for securing a free state and oneself.

However, public safety cannot be defined as the limitation of arms. By the definition of the security of a free state in the Second Amendment, public safety was meant to be achieved through bearing arms, not through limiting them.

The only way to achieve compromise is to put each case on the scale and see if it falls to the "necessary to be available for defense" side or to the "necessary to be limited for public safety" side. Both sides are legitimate.


Cooper continues his stellar journalism

Clint Cooper does a wonderful job covering the highlights of religious activities in the greater Chattanooga area. Does he read every church newsletter and bulletin? Maybe. Along with other Times Free Press columnists, he represents the best of journalism.

Recently, he wrote about the screening of the film "Two Who Dared," based on the story of Martha and Waitstill Sharp's courageous efforts to save lives as Nazi power rose. This documentary challenges each of us to use our lives to do what is right, just and loving.

Thank you for sharing this story through your coverage.

NICKY OZBEK, Signal Mountain

Rick davis looks out for his customers

Rick Davis didn't know I was paying attention when I heard him tell a prospective customer that he probably could get a much better price for his beautiful set of antique sterling silver flatware from a buyer in Atlanta -- whose name and phone number Rick then gave to the customer. Is that what a thief would do?