'Gardenhire shows little interest' and more letters to the editor

'Gardenhire shows little interest' and more letters to the editor

March 20th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Six Chattanoogans had scheduled with state Sen. Todd Gardenhire a 15 minute morning meeting, and with Rep. Joanne Favors, an afternoon meeting of 30 minutes met with them on People's Lobby Day, March 12.

For the Gardenhire meeting the group selected three to speak. We arrived five minutes early. After waiting for 20 minutes for Chattanooga's professional lobbyist to complete the mayor's business, we met with Gardenhire, but only for five inhospitable minutes. Before the first speaker completed his brief, informal and ill-received presentation, the senator's secretary interrupted the meeting and claimed that there was more pressing legislative business that required the senator's immediate attention. The senator urged us out of his office, expressing his regrets and asking us to send him a full expression of remaining concerns.

At the other end of the building, we met with Rep. Favors for two-and-a-half hours in an atmosphere of Southern hospitality and mutual respect. She stated her support of our efforts regarding public housing; she stated her desire to work with community based organizations; and she harmoniously acknowledged a Jim Crow collection of bills called "Sen. Summerville's Civil Rights Initiative."


Calorie counts are a waste of time, money

There has been a lot in the paper about the government wanting charts in restaurants listing calories on certain items of food and drink.

In my opinion, they are wasting their time and our tax dollars. People are going to eat what they want, and nobody is going to stop them.

All they need to do is go to any buffet place and watch the people pile it on. I would say 70 percent are overweight, and I mean overweight.


Knives another reason for liberals to whine

Regarding the article on the Times page about automatic knives:

Yes, a knife may be used as a weapon, like a flashlight or crowbar may be utilized for a weapon, however it's primary purpose, is as a tool. I carry an automatic knife. I open boxes with that scary tool. No one has been harmed by my gun or knife and probably never will be.

The person who will harm you with a knife or gun cares nothing about the law and will harm you regardless of any legal constraints. It is illegal to commit murder, however it occurs approximately 15,000 times annually in the United States.

Like most whiny liberals, If you don't want something then you don't want me to have it either. Please don't hurt yourself with a paper cut: We might have to make paper illegal. Oops, there goes your job.


Clay Dyer's story is an uplift of faith

Thank you for Clint Cooper's Faithfocus story of Clay Dyer.

This is should be an inspiration to people who feel they are disabled in any way.

God has blessed this young man with fantastic parents who taught him self-confidence and faith.

Clay is a great roll model for young people and those who need a faith uplift.


Farner, Tenn.

Homosexuality is a sinful choice

In response to the letter "Not Allowing Gays in Scouts Immoral," The author is correct that God would have us to love our neighbors. However, the Bible mentions in several places (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13 and Romans 1:27-28 to name a few) that homosexuality is an abomination.

The statement that people are born gay is a falsehood. God would not cause anyone to be born into a lifestyle that he reviles. It is true that God loves everyone and would have all people to accept his son, but using that love as an excuse to be accepting of an ungodly way of life is an insult to his word. "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." II Peter 3:9.


Tracy City, Tenn.

Bennett, liberals hear only what they want

I see cartoonist Clay Bennett is showing his true liberal colors again. The cartoon showing a cellphone with all the apps being conservative -- implying they should all be removed, to be more to the point -- nothing remotely conservative should exist.

This is typical left-wing, liberal thinking at its best. Eliminate or trash anything or anyone that disagrees with the liberal socialist agenda.

Liberals just can't seem to understand theirs is not the only opinion or agenda that is protected by our First Amendment.

As a conservative, I do not believe your liberal opinion should be silenced. I may not always agree with you, but you still have the constitutionally protected right to express yourself. Just remember if our Constutition is ever eradicated, your right to free speech will disappear, also. Every day I feel our government is heading in that direction; more government means fewer personal freedoms. Wake up, America, before it's too late.



Blood donations can be a gift of life

I am loathe to think that a friend or even a stranger with cancer would suffer needlessly because of a lack of available platelets.

On March 15, I was able to donate a double unit of platelets to Blood Assurance across from McKenzie Arena.

I do not know if others in this area have given in sufficient numbers to have rendered a good supply.

Please donate your blood product.